Friday, 17 July 2015

Made By Me #150

I thought it was only right that dress number 150 got it's moment to shine on the blog!  I had a few fabrics lined up ready for this dress and was having a hard time deciding which one was right, that is until I had another fabric delivery and this beauty turned up.  I have mostly avoided border prints as I am never too sure they will work being turned into a dress but this one mostly does.  The skirt is perfect, I love it.  I am still not sure about the sleeves but didn't have enough of the rest of the fabric to avoid using the border bit on the sleeves.  Unlike the rest of the dress the bodice is cut on grain which I much prefer but it's not without issues.  Ideally I would have ordered another yard of this fabric so I could cut it all out perfectly but never being too sure how deep the border part of the print is makes it difficult to estimate just how much fabric you'll need.  I have a few bits of tree greenery around the bodice side seams, most of it is around armpit level so not that visible but knowing it's there annoys me.  I might order an extra yard when the fabric comes back into stock and change the sleeves but I really can't be bothered with remaking the bodice, that's far more work than it's worth.  I do still love the dress just not quite as much as I thought I would when I set out making it.

I actually like the way my glasses work with this outfit rather than wanting to take them off or not have my photo taken like usual.  I think the colour of the frames works perfectly with my beautiful tan shoes and the tree trunks in the border.  These are defo my most worn frames, they blend with my hair so feel less obvious.  My FitBit Flex has become my most worn accessory recently!  It is doing it's job and getting me motivated, I have to reach my daily steps target everyday or I feel that I have let myself down.  If you use one too and want to be friends send me a request to the email address in my sidebar.

Shoes: Bershka


  1. Oh wow, this dress is soo beautiful! I love the night sky on the fabric :)

  2. The swans border print is everything!! It's so exciting that you're walking more. I've been trying to do that, too, since I want to lose weight and be more fit. Already my resting heart rate has dropped by 10!

  3. This is so beautiful Sarah- it reminds me of Poppy England dresses. It really suits you and is totally gorgeous- I WANT IT!!!! Lexie X

  4. Oh Sarah, this dress is beautifully made! I agree with Alexandra, it is very Poppy England.x

  5. I love this, I love the fabric and the sleeves look great with the border print! Job very well done!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  6. a beautiful dress! I like how you used them. I love border prints but, its just so difficult to find any.

  7. This dress is beautiful, I LOVE that border!

    Maria xxx

  8. Stunning as ever - This fabric arrived today - will be in shop soon ! Stephanie @ Elephant in my Handbag ( xx

  9. Not sure if you'll see this comment since this was a while ago, but how many yards did you order? I'm thinking of buying this fabric to make the Emery, but will likely make it sleeveless. I'm not sure how much to get.

    1. Hey I ordered 3m so I had enough to cut out the border print and get the bodice out of the contrasting print. I wish I had have ordered more so I could avoid the border on the sleeves but if you're going sleeveless that won't matter. Lovely fabric!

  10. nice dress. love michael miller fabric... hoep to make mine too..thanks for sharing .


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