Friday, 3 July 2015

Made By Me #136

I've been meaning to share this dress for a while but kept forgetting I had photographed it!  As you can see the photos are pre-haircut.  Looking at these photos I am glad I got that haircut.  And the plants in my garden have grown so much since, easy to forget how small they started off now they are in full bloom.  I made this dress to wear to my lovely friend Rosie's wedding in April.  I struggled to decide what fabric to use and even bought a couple of others with the impending nuptials in mind but totally lucked out when I found this vintage beauty on Etsy.  I snapped up about 3 metres of immaculate condition vintage barkcloth for a mere £16 including shipping from America.  Pinch me now!!   

Before I made this dress I took a bodice fitting class at Sew Me Something in Straford Upon Avon with the expert tuition of Jules and Heather Jacks, the winner of the second Great British Sewing Bee.  I made up a toile ready for the class and Jules helped me work out some of my issues.  It turned out the alterations I had made to the shoulders to stop the gape had in turn caused issues around the front of the arm.  With that fixed we carried out a 1" Full Bust Adjustment which meant the bodice fitted perfectly in the calico and in the below barkcloth dress but left me with a way too full bodice in quilting cotton.  Thankfully though I had listened and learned so was able to do a 1/4 FBA by myself which is perfect for the quilting cottons and voiles I usually use.

Jules also showed me how to turn the two darts on the back bodice into a seam and reduce the gaping I get at the back of the neck.  I had been doing this by graduating the back seam when putting in the zip but wanted to learn a more professional way which means I could pattern match on obvious prints if I choose to.  I enjoyed my day at Sew Me Something and love that Jules has lots of tips to avoid unnecessary hand sewing, that's definitely my preferred option!!  I really loved wearing this dress, I also made a bright pink silk jacket to go with it and felt great!

Dress: Made by me using vintage barkcloth found on Etsy
Shoes: New Look
Necklace: Tatty Devine (old)

A couple of close up photographs of the front and the back of the bodice, I was really happy how this one turned out and as you can see the extra fabric fold I sometimes get where the front bodice meets the sleeve has gone!



  1. This is perfection! I'm loving the colours and the print in general, it's just so so pretty xx

  2. I saw you in Char's photos and I thought you looked just lovely! The dress is beautiful and you did so well to make something special for your friend's wedding. Plus, reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally loving the bee! I have an Alex Munroe-style bee but loving the Tatty look!x

  3. This dress is lovely and the necklace is super cute too!

    Maria xxx

  4. I love that fabric, what a bargain! And the perfectly placed necklace looks fab :)

  5. The perfect fabric find! Fitting is such a funny science - its great you now know your way around an fba.

  6. Love this! Nice seeing it now that it's a dress after seeing the farbic folded up in your sewing room :) xx


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