Monday, 27 July 2015

#BloggerLodge - 48 Hours In York

This time last week Gray and I were on our way to spend a couple of days in York. I love York but haven't managed to visit in a good few years so was really looking forward to wandering around and rediscovering the beauty of the city as well as eating my way round!  We stayed in York Central Travelodge*, it is a couple of minutes walk from the impressive Clifford's Tower which provides panoramic views of York and a nice bit of cardio from walking up all of those steps!

We were lucky to have a  room with a view, we were overlooking the mill which is part of York Castle Museum.  Unfortunately it's not a working mill having been moved from elsewhere in Yorkshire and rebuilt alongside the River Foss but it sure made for a pretty view each morning.  We really enjoyed our trip around the museum, they have just installed a new exhibition marking the centenary of the First World War which was really interesting along with the Victorian Street.

My favourite part of the exhibition was the The Sixties, I loved looking around the fashions, homeware and listening to music of the decade.  There is even a little section on home sewing and a 60's Singer sewing machine.  Gray's favourite bit was looking at the children's toys through the ages.  It did make us feel old though seeing toys we played with in a museum!  Oh hello, Care Bears!!

We wandered round the City Walls, felt like we had gone back in time walking down The Shambles before being left speechless at the magnificent York Minster.  The Minster is truly breathtaking, it always amazes me how buildings this grand were built without all of the equipment we have now.  They really were a labour of love.

My favourite place to visit has to be the Museum Gardens.  The botanical gardens are set in the medieval ruins of St Mary's Abbey and are simply stunning.  We had a good walk around the gardens as well as a little stroll alongside the river.

I decided not to include photos of the food we enjoyed as this post is already pretty photo heavy.  York has a nice mix of high street chains and cute independents.  We ate in both Byron and Bill's, Byron because we wanted an awesome burger and don't have any branches near us and Bill's because their breakfast is tasty though I am not sure about the apple, carrot and ginger juice!  We also had a lovely Thai lunch at Evil Eye Lounge followed by a trip to Betty's on Gray's birthday, you can't really go to York without going to Betty's after all.  We also treated ourselves to a hot chocolate at York Cocoa House which was practically liquid chocolate.  We had a little walk around the shops too, I found some fabric I had been trying to track down for ages (result!) and got a pair of Cath Kidston PJ bottoms in the sale that I hadn't been able to find in my size.  We had a thoroughly enjoyable stay, thank you for having us Travelodge.



  1. York looks beautiful, I'd love to visit! Love the cute pink shop.

  2. Oh! I keep seeing the #bloggerlodge reviews pop up and am keeping my fingers crossed some luck may come my way. I absolutely adore York, so I was so keen to read your thoughts! Gorgeous, gorgeous as always! xx

  3. York is such a fascinating place - I love it. The mill in the Castle Museum grounds did used to be a working mill; I bought some flour ground there on my first visit many years ago!

  4. My old stomping ground! I miss it so much. Many a night has been lost to the genius cocktails of Evil Eye!

  5. Aww, I love York. Really hope I can sort out another weekend there at some point, it's been 3yrs since the last one!


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