Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Wednesday Wants

Today's wishlist post is in collaboration with Lyst, a website dedicated to creating wishlists and keeping track of your must have items.  Perfect for someone like me who loves creating a wishlist or two.  Signing up is really easy, you just register and you're ready to get lysting!  I started browsing through the dresses until I came to the first one I wanted to lyst.  I clicked on the Untold Dress, then clicked the lyst it button and decided which lyst I wanted to add it to.  I opted to create a lyst of the perfect party dresses, my favourite kind of lyst!

When you sign up you get to choose which brands you like and then follow them. This populates a New For You page where you can see the new arrivals from all your favourites.  You can filter by item type, brand, size etc etc.  I really like this feature, it makes it easy to see all the pretty new dresses from numerous brands in one place.  Handy when you're trying to spend more time away from your laptop.

Once you have followed a brand you'll get notifications when an item you have lysted has been reduced, a feature I will get a lot of use from.  Gray has asked me to start thinking about what I want for my big birthday in January already (don't think he can deduct 10 years off my age, that's all I really want!) So I am going to start thinking about it and put together a birthday lyst which he can view independently without the need to be logged into my account like you do to see the saved items stored directly on brand websites.   

The homepage contains loads of inspiration and is beautifully put together.  The best read has to be The LongLyst, Lyst's very own blog full of interesting interviews.  I really enjoyed reading through the what I wore series which asks what were you wearing when your life changed, the Henry Holland one was a great read especially as my brother in law, Lee from NashWhite, recently assisted LabelM. creating the hair for the models at launch of the first Henry Holland men's collection.

You can see this week's wishlist items here, I've picked a few more items than normal including some bargain sale gems.

Have you tried Lyst yet?


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