Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Wednesday Wants

I'm quite liking dresses that look like separates at the moment even if I don't think they would be that flattering on me.  I like things that masquerade as something else unless it is a skort. No explanation needed for that!  What I really like about this dress is the back detail, it is pretty special!

 Dress: asos

I love a good plaid pattern and this is a really good plaid pattern!! What you can't see that clearly in the photo is the detail, Modcloth have named it the Confetti Confections dress and it is covered in sprinkles and cute little hearts.  It is absolutely darling!  It's made by Spanish brand Kling who I hadn't heard of before but if you look at all this amazingness you'll wonder how I managed to pick just one dress and don't even get me started on the bags! I die.

 Dress: Modcloth

Pretty in pink?  You certainly will be in this little chiffon number.  Lovingly handmade in London I can always rely on Mod Dolly to create the perfect dress.  They have just relaunched their website and blog, well worth a look at their new collection, some of it is almost as pretty as this dress!

Dress: Mod Dolly



  1. Oh god, Kling are AMAZING.

  2. I saw that Kling dress in someone else's blog and thought it was adorable then without knowing about the sprinkles! Cool!!x

  3. Ah that middle dress. I'm swooning Sarah!

  4. Oh, I love the first one, amazing for summer!
    I just discovered blog, keep being that amazing! ;)

  5. lovely dresses! :)


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