Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Wednesday Wants

It finally feels like summer might be upon us.  Whilst I don't like the heat of summer I love the sunshine and how everything just feels brighter and less gloomy!  I have ditched the black opaques in favour for my favourite M&S nudes though I seem to be going through them at a quicker rate this year, summer tights cost me so much more.  The Bershka shoes from last weeks wishlist have arrived and I adore them and am still waiting to add the yellow Orlas to my outfits.  I have so many dresses they would look perfect with, must be due a discount soon, I have been checking voucher sites like Voucherbin just in case but nothing yet!

This asos dress reminds me of something Roisin would make and wear, the shape is gorgeous and I love the colours.  It is pretty pricey but is handmade in Ghana using fabrics selected in local Ghanaian markets and gives back to the Ghanaian community too.  You can see the full Sika x Asos collection here, lots of beautiful prints and shapes and even some sale bargains to be had.

 Dress: asos

Swit Swoo!  How gorgeous is this little Boden number?!  She is also available in a couple of other prints/colourways but this one is my favourite.  The perfect little flirty summer number.

Dress: Boden

My wardrobe is lacking a pretty chambray dress and I haven't been able to find any chambray prettier than this, too cute!  I would ditch the heels though and team this little beauty with a pair of Converse Dance Lace, perfect.

Dress: Yumi



  1. Oooo if only that top dress wasn't out of my budget. What a beauty!

  2. Just picked up the Converse pumps, had my eye on them for a while and noticed they were only £25. I always what at least one thing in your Wednesday posts :)

  3. Love the Boden and the Yumi, both of those would be staples in my summer dress wardrobe! I'm eagerly awaiting a BooHoo dress delivery, I'm in need of some new little numbers!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  4. Great picks! The second dress is so pretty. :)

  5. Love that ASOS range, the neckline on that dress is perfect!

  6. As you know, we're huge fans of cute dresses over at Lindy Bop! Great pics! LB x

  7. Have you found the perfect nude M&S tights? I seem to try endless ones year after year but none are perfect. I'd be very interested to find which ones you swear by. Ta!

    1. I really like these ones - They are cool when it is hot and I prefer matt tights. Don't think they offer much control though!

    2. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I'll try them out!


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