Thursday, 18 June 2015

Summer Fashion Challenge

I was asked recently to take part in thinkmoney's summer fashion challenge, we were challenged to see if we could put together a complete summer outfit for £50 or under and have been provided with a voucher to buy the outfit in question.  They did their homework first and put together five looks for different summer occasions, you can see what they came up with here.  As I already make my own dresses I decided to go for the option I most resent spending money on, beach wear.  It's not that I don't like pretty swimsuits and bikinis, it's that it doesn't actually get much wear.  Two weeks a year tops in my case and you never want to dig out that swimsuit you wore last year for next years holiday do you - you want something shiny and new!  I decided to buy my entire outfit from one shop, Matalan.  Their beachwear is supercute plus I think I got a lot for my £50 budget.  We are holidaying in the New Forest this year and I am now ready for both the beach and the hot tub with this little lot.  As I went for beachwear I won't be sharing any photos of me in the outfit, that's not something I would want to share on the internet.

Kimono   |    Bikini Top   |   Bikini Bottoms   |   Straw Hat   |   Sunglasses   |   Clutch Bag  |   Sliders

I spent every penny of my budget and I managed to squeeze in the most adorable clutch bag which will be perfect for taking the bare essentials to the beach with me.  You only need sunscreen, a bit of pocket money and your phone after all!  So how does it all add up?

What do you think of the outfit I have put together?  You'll be able to see the outfits other bloggers have put together here soon.



  1. This is such a cute outfit! The print of the bikini is gorgeous and it's such a bargain too. :)

  2. I have this clutch bag - lovely Mrs Sock sent it to me for my birthday, and it's a great size for all of the essentials!

  3. I love the fact all this is under £50! You've created such a fantastic look! Loving the sunglasses and the sliders!

    Courtney |

  4. This is super cute, I love those sunglasses and that bag is gorgeous!

    Maria xxx


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