Monday, 29 June 2015

Made By Me #153

I managed to find some time to sew up a couple of new dresses last week which meant I could make the most of the lovely weather this weekend to spend some time in our garden, go for a few walks and go out for dinner with two of my favourites. An all round lovely weekend!  Even if it did see me waste away an hour looking through a couple of comedy twitter accounts and Gray actually using the phrase 'get in the sea!'  I'm still laughing at some of the images now.

How awesome is this fabric?!  I really love Dear Stella Designs, a few of my most worn dresses have been sewed up in their fabrics and this one is just adorable.  It seems I have really developed a taste for navy, it is definitely the most prominent colour in my wardrobe and has snuck into my accessories too.  My most worn watch has a navy strap and I have recently bought myself a navy leather backpack.  Gray treated me to some cute navy shoes with the asos premier 30% presale discount code yesterday and I cannot wait for them to arrive.  Does that mean I should start looking for navy tights for autumn or will that be waaaayyy too much blue?!  haha.

Not sure if I should be thinking about tights seeing as we are due a heatwave this week though I am already swooning over Christmas fabrics! haha.  I stilll have a couple that I didn't sew up last year and have been eyeing up this one, this one and this one to add to the sewing list.  I need to keep repeating 'I must not get carried away.  I must not get carried away'  I absolutely loved wearing Christmas dresses last year but really do not need one for each day of December!  Or do I... ;)  Don't forget you can save 10% at Elephant In My Handbag, see my sidebar for further details.

Dress: Made by me using Sea Worthy Fabric by Dear Stella*
Shoes: Bershka



  1. I love the seahorses. They do not need to get in the sea.

    1. Though I think they actually do, it's their home! haha.

  2. Gorgeous! I can definitely see the attraction of navy! With the pink, this dress is cute and I'm swooning over yet another one of your dresses! <3


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