Friday, 12 June 2015

Made By Me #148

Friday has come around quickly this week and I am excited about the prospect of some sewing time.  I haven't sewn since I made this dress just over a week ago as I have been having trouble deciding on the right fabric for dress 150.  It feels like a landmark number that deserves something special and I couldn't make my mind up between several fabrics.  That was solved when a new order arrived!  If in doubt, order more!! Haha.  I am going to sew up number 149 tonight now that weight has been lifted...

I have had my locks chopped off, I was getting fed up with my hair always being so flat to my head and looking like it needed a good brush so had a good 5-6" cut off which should get rid of a bit of weight.  I have also gone a bit darker as my hair was almost blonde in some parts.  I do want to get to a peachy colour still but needed to get those roots sorted out.  I have bought one of the Bleach London wash out colours to try, can any one recommend a peachy colour that will be more long lasting?

I try to balance out cute prints with a few more sensible choices every now and then.  You can't always get away with umbrellas, pineapples and the like.  I love the simplicity of this geometric print and the addition of the cute pink detail.  It is definitely one of those fabrics that looks better IRL, it kinda hurts your eyes in photographs.  I have a new pair of sunglasses that I knew would be perfect with this outfit and I finished it with a new to me Tatty Devine dolphin brooch.  Just because the print is more sensible doesn't mean the accessories need to be!

Dress: Made by me using Quilting Treasures fabric
Pattern: Emery by Christine Haynes 
Sunglasses: Radley*
Brooch: Tatty Devine



  1. Love the print and the brooch addition is too cute! Great job as always!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. LOVE this print and that brooch is too cute!

    Maria xxx

  3. Follow to follow?
    let me know


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