Friday, 5 June 2015

Made By Me #142

We've been spending whatever time the British weather will allow out in the garden making it look as pretty as possible so we can enjoy sitting in it this summer.  This must be rubbing off on my fabric choices too as I have started to introduce more floral than usual in my wardrobe.  I usually shy away from run of the mill florals as they are just not my thing but could not resist this pretty Michael Miller fabric.  I really love the colours and of course the vases filled with pretty blooms.  Now that it is light til at least 9pm I like to sit in my sewing room with my curtains open soaking up the last of the light whilst stealing a few glances at our handiwork.

I was lucky to receive a beautiful Jord wood watch recently, it's as if  I have gone back to nature with all this gardening talk and now a wooden watch.  It's surprisingly light and really comfortable to wear though I don't think I will get to wear it much as Gray has taken rather a shine to it deciding it will look better on his wrist!  Maybe if he makes me cups of tea every night for a few weeks...  I went for the Dover watch as I loved that you could see the mechanism, there is something really therapeutic in watching the movements.  I chose the zebrawood and cream colourway as I like how different colours of wood have been used to create the two tone strap and the contrast the cream face provides alongside the wood.  The Dover watch is automatic which I have always found fascinating, my first watch as a child was automatic and I can remember being amazed at how it keeps time just based on your movements (and the occasional winding!).   The full range of watches are stunning, I had a really hard choice deciding on the model for me.

I pulled together the accessories for this outfit before deciding on the dress, I think they all complement each other beautifully.  I bought the Bershka shoes as I was pulling together my weekly wishlist and was really excited for them to arrive.   They are the perfect height and mix of chunky but not clumpy I have been looking for.  They are really comfy too and the fact they go so well with my favourite Accessorize bag makes me love them even more.  I have been using this bag so much recently and it gets so many compliments it's untrue!  It is currently out of stock online but hopefully you can still find it instore.  I've taken a few more photos than usual, Gray thought it would be funny to take photos of me gardening so you can see me deadheading my beautiful violas and checking the progress on our strawberries! haha.  Thank goodness I had done all the planting by then!

Shoes: Bershka



  1. That dress is such a pretty print! Also I am loving those Jord watches at the moment - they are so unique. :)


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