Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Little Steps

I've been noticing more and more lately that I have really let my fitness levels suffer.  I live in a three storey house and if I am on the ground floor need to fetch something from the top floor I am struggling for breath by the time I have climbed up the stairs.  I know this really isn't good and it's something I have been quietly ignoring for sometime.  It came to a head a couple of weeks ago when my car went in for service.  I was without it for two lunchtimes so walked the 15 minutes to the supermarket and back each day and found that when I woke up the morning after my hips were so stiff it was untrue.  From just an hour of walking.

I know how this has happened. Go back five and a half years ago and I walked everywhere.  I walked miles each day.  I couldn't drive and didn't have a car so didn't have much choice.  Even once I could drive it didn't have too much of an impact as every Saturday and Sunday I was stomping around the high street looking for my latest must have purchase.  Most lunchtimes too if I am honest!  Shopping kept me fit, it motivated me to move so when I stopped shopping around a year ago it meant I stopped moving too.  Shopping was literally my cardio.  Added to the fact that both of my main hobbies, blogging and sewing, mean I sit down on my bum wearing my favourite Esprit PJs for hours at a time it's not hard to see what an impact this could have.

I need to do something about it.  I bought a FitBit Flex and have made sure I have walked at least 10,000 steps a day since I got it on the 17th.  I have found it tough both physically and freeing up the time to go walking.  I am trying to fit as much of it in during the day as I can but the majority of my steps are walked in the evening which means I have less time for my hobbies.  I am having a bit of an internal battle over this as I really love my hobbies but know my health is way more important.  To help motivate me and keep me moving I treated myself to two bits of Cath Kidston that will do just that. I swooned over this navy backpack when it was first released but am not the kind over person who will spend over £200 on a bag no matter how beautiful it is.  It has gone in the sale and is now a way more reasonable £125 so I made it mine along with a pair of Cath Kidston x Gola trainers which will still look good with my dresses and mean I can walk more steps without my feet complaining.

I recently received a pair of earphones from Sudio so have been walking around listening to Taylor Swift, putting on some feel good music really does make it easier and the time passes so quickly.  The earphones are great, the studio quality sound makes you realise all the detail you miss listening to the album on the car stereo.  They are really stylish too, I love the leather pouch they come with meaning I can keep them in my bag without worrying they are going to tangle or get damaged as other headphones have before.  They work with iOS too so I can answer calls and change the volume using the controls on the headphones.  Sudio have kindly offered up a 15% discount code, Amilliondresses15.  They also offer free worldwide shipping.

Have you got any tips on how I can improve my fitness levels?  If you have had a similar experience, have had a word with yourself and sorted it out I would love to hear how.  I'm making sure when it's time to get into my comfy PJs and relax I have earned it!



  1. I'm signing up to results with lucy today. 15 - 30 minute quick workouts you can do when you have a few spare moments through your telly via the power of you tube!

  2. I do my workout in the morning. It does take some getting used to but once you build the habit, it means you've already done your workout by the end of the day. I feel better and not so lazy and leaves more time for hobbies. It's not for everyone but I found I just get too lazy to train in the evening. By the end of the work day I just wanna get home

  3. Oh and I can also recommend FitnessBlender vids on YouTube - they have an app now too. They're a Canadian couple who are really sweet and realistic about training. Tons of vids to choose from and they're all free. They have fitness programs too which won't set you back more than a few bucks. I was doing those for a while before I started crossfit!

  4. I know the feeling!. I fin it hard to find time to go to the gym, as I have to arrange childcare. I invested in an exercise bike at the start of last month and have used it almost every evening. It's great as I can read blog updates or watch the tv while exercising!

  5. Grrrrrrrrrrrr, they didn't go up to my foot size in the Cath trainers! I also wanted them!x


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