Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Wednesday Wants

This week's wishlist is dedicated to my annual struggle - summer shoes.  Every year I have the same problem, I cannot find my perfect shoe.  I want something mid heel (preferably block), closed toe and a bit summery.  I can find endless mid heel open toed shoes or flat closed toe shoes but the combination of the two is almost impossible to find especially as I also don't want anything too chunky.  I usually end up spending most of the summer in Converse Dance Lace which although flat are really supportive and don't hurt my feet in the same way most other flat shoes do.  I can't wear clogs unfortunately otherwise I wouldn't be having these issues, the wooden insole makes my soles burn as soon as I put them on my feet :(  I have managed to find a few pairs this year but if you spot any that fit the bill please let me know!! 

I have this pair winging their way to me as I type, I chanced upon them whilst doing a final hunt as the usual suspects had nothing to tempt me with.  I am hoping that they are comfy and can become my go to shoe this summer, black can sometimes be too harsh against more summery fabrics though my fabric choices haven't quite got the message that summer is on the way, I can't stop buying all the navy based fabrics!  

 Shoes: Bershka

I have already bought these New Look shoes in both the mint and black colour ways but they do come in two others too!  I wish they also came in yellow, navy and red though as that would sort out all my shoe based issues.  I need a rainbow of shoes to go with the (navy based!) rainbow in my wardrobe.  They are really, really comfy.

 Shoes: New Look

I couldn't put together a wishlist without adding the shoe I am most lusting after!  I already have these in pink so know that they are comfy but have a yellow coloured shoe hole in my life and as these are the only yellow block mid heel closed toe shoes I can currently find they are the ones I am going heart eyes over!  I can't justify spending another £120 on them though so am checking daily for a little discount code to help ease the pain!



  1. Don't tempt me with shoes haha, I work in Clarks so I'm trying to stop myself getting those Orla Kielys even though I'll get a discount I can't justify it, so pretty though! x

    1. I'm so jealous of your staff discount!! I love Clarks shoes in general but the Orla Kiely ones are just perfect!

  2. Oh I bloody love the Orla/Clarks shoes...

  3. Those tan shoes are so pretty! :)


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