Sunday, 31 May 2015

Made By Me #144

We have almost finished the garden and I am so excited about it!  We've just got to sort the grass out as the last load of seed hasn't done anything... if you have any lawn tips please share.  I need to get out there are take some photographs so I can see how much it changes as everything starts to grow and bloom.  Gardening is strangely addictive once you start.  I will make sure I share some snaps on here too so you can admire our Gray's handiwork.  Okay, I did choose the plants etc but it was Gray that did the digging and believe me it's hard work!

I was drawn to this fabric not just because the pink of the stars matches my Orlas but because the two colours are something I would never have put together but I love the way they work.  I rarely go for green fabrics, always favouring blues, but can see that green works really well with my hair colour even now it is a much paler orange than it was.  My hair has gotten so long and I am pretty fed up with it.  It always feels that it has way more volume when it hasn't got the length weighing it down so I am going to get it cut shorter next time I get my hair done and I am going to go for a more peachy tone.  I have bought some temporary peach colour and am hoping that it lasts more than the two washes it says it may last on the bottle. 

I've run out of Marvel television series to watch once we have finished Agent Carter, anyone got any recommendations?  I am contemplating making myself a Marvel dress, Elephant in my Handbag have just got loads of ace Marvel fabrics in stock.  I really love this one, only thing keeping me back is that Black Widow doesn't feature - she is surely the best Avenger!!


Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Wednesday Wants

This week's wishlist is dedicated to my annual struggle - summer shoes.  Every year I have the same problem, I cannot find my perfect shoe.  I want something mid heel (preferably block), closed toe and a bit summery.  I can find endless mid heel open toed shoes or flat closed toe shoes but the combination of the two is almost impossible to find especially as I also don't want anything too chunky.  I usually end up spending most of the summer in Converse Dance Lace which although flat are really supportive and don't hurt my feet in the same way most other flat shoes do.  I can't wear clogs unfortunately otherwise I wouldn't be having these issues, the wooden insole makes my soles burn as soon as I put them on my feet :(  I have managed to find a few pairs this year but if you spot any that fit the bill please let me know!! 

I have this pair winging their way to me as I type, I chanced upon them whilst doing a final hunt as the usual suspects had nothing to tempt me with.  I am hoping that they are comfy and can become my go to shoe this summer, black can sometimes be too harsh against more summery fabrics though my fabric choices haven't quite got the message that summer is on the way, I can't stop buying all the navy based fabrics!  

 Shoes: Bershka

I have already bought these New Look shoes in both the mint and black colour ways but they do come in two others too!  I wish they also came in yellow, navy and red though as that would sort out all my shoe based issues.  I need a rainbow of shoes to go with the (navy based!) rainbow in my wardrobe.  They are really, really comfy.

 Shoes: New Look

I couldn't put together a wishlist without adding the shoe I am most lusting after!  I already have these in pink so know that they are comfy but have a yellow coloured shoe hole in my life and as these are the only yellow block mid heel closed toe shoes I can currently find they are the ones I am going heart eyes over!  I can't justify spending another £120 on them though so am checking daily for a little discount code to help ease the pain!


Monday, 25 May 2015

Made By Me #128

I thought it was time I showed my face round here again just in case any of you were missing me!  We have had a busy bank holiday weekend sorting out the garden, if the queues to just get into the Homebase car park are anything to go by I am guessing most of the UK has done some kind of DIY this weekend!  We did pay a visit to the awesome nursery at Charlecote too, if you're in the area it is defo worth the trip.  One more trip to the tip and a few bedding plants to go and the garden will be ready.  We've seeded the lawn, if any of you have any tips on how to make ours less patchy and more green please share!  I have already dug out about 100 dandelions.  Little blighters.

Anyway onto the dress.  I have been obsessing over barkcloth recently, I love the weight of it and the way it hangs plus it doesn't need too much of an iron which is always going to earn it brownie points.  I have made three dresses so far but it is really hard to come by.  I totally lucked out when I picked up some vintage barkcloth for a whole £16 including shipping from America which I made into the dress I wore to Rosie's wedding.  More on that dress soon!  I picked up this fabric from Japan and then the one I am sharing today from The Village Haberdashery when I visited earlier in the year.  I wasn't sure of the weight of it so wanted to give it a stroke in person but I needed have worried, it is perfect.

I decided to sell off some of my unloved Tatty Devine collection recently and have ended up getting sucked back in!  I traded a couple of pieces and have also bought a few new ones, ooops!  I am going to make sure these ones get the love they deserve including my new lobster friend, isn't he a cutie!  I think he needs to be worn with this dress asap!

Dress: Made by me using Time Warp fabric from Cloud9
Pattern: Emery by Christine Haynes 
Shoes: New Look
Necklace: Tatty Devine


Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Flamingo Gifts

After pretty dresses and cute fabric my next true love has to be home wares.  I love how a few new additions can totally change the feel of a room.  When Flamingo Gifts asked me to choose some items from their website to review I decided to go for a couple of home bits I had been eyeing up along with one of their gift items that I had told myself many times I need but didn't know actually existed!!

First up is this Orla Kiely plant pot, I love how Orla Kiely stuff works against orange having already bought this one for our orange and grey living room.  It adds a lovely retro vibe to our hallway and is much bolder than the plain white pot it has replaced.  I really love the Orla Kiely kitchen stuff, especially this herb planter, but unfortunately it just doesn't work with my pastel kitchen so I have to squeeze it in where I can around the rest of the house!

I'm not a massive candle fan, I think that comes partly from my parents not letting me burn them as a teenager and partly because they smell ace in the pot but not really of anything when they are burning.  I am happy to report this one is different!  I loved the cute jar and thought the flamingo would look ace alongside my pineapples anyway.  The scent of this one is scrummy!

This is that item I have always thought would be handy but didn't realise you could actually buy and that they would be so beautiful!  I got to road test it recently when we went away for Rosie's wedding.  I didn't have that 'oh yeah sure you can borrow XYZ' and hoping they wouldn't have to rummage through my pants to find it moment!  I love this Ted Baker print and have been eyeing up the rest of the collection.

I also got a burger shaped screen cleaner for my phone which I haven't photographed.  It sticks to your phone ready for when you need to clear the screen of all those finger prints and just sticks back afterwards.  It doesn't leave any sticky residue and does a good job of looking cute whilst it's at it!

If you haven't checked out the offerings from Flamingo Gifts yet I recommend you do so though allow plenty of time, there are so many lovely things you'll have a hard job in deciding what you need first!  At the top of my wishlist is this phone, how awesome will that look in the hallway?!


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