Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Wednesday Wants

A cactus print dress!!  I have been lovingly expanding my cactus collection over the past few months and as a result have been looking for the perfect cactus print fabric but haven't been able to find anything that isn't a bit too wild west for my tastes.  Looks like I might have to bite the bullet and get this beautifil Emily and Fin dress, it is everything I dreamed of!  I have a long standing love affair with the Lucy dress and the colours of this one make it a total knock out.  It is now available to pre-order at Aspire Style.

 Dress: Emily & Fin

Boden are another that never let me down.  Consistantly producing dreamy dresses season after season.  I couldn't pick my favourite, too hard to decide, so I have shared my two joint favourite dresses from this seasons new drop.  First up is this awesome pastel beauty, it is making me want to add the little bow onto my Emery dresses!  It is pretty similar in style to the Emery which is probably what captivated me.  I love the mix of colours, perfect for a Spring wedding.

 Dress: Boden

You design a beach print dress and you can guarantee I will want it!  Perfect for sunny strolls along the beach, the print is so adorable!

 Dress: Boden

Finally I want to share this adorable pink dress from asos.  It's going to be a bit Marmite but I love it!!  Whilst I couldn't get away with the colour I love the shape of it and the bodice detailing.  The beaded detailing makes it extra special and the below elbow sleeves make it different from most occassion dresses available.  Simply stunning!

Dress: asos



  1. I want the top two. Do you think I could start my own "fill my wardrobe" charity donation page?

  2. Boden really does always have some cracking dresses!

    Story Of A Girl

  3. I love Boden, too. That sailboat dress is so pretty :)

  4. Emily & Fin and Boden are the clear winners here! Love both of those two dresses SO much! Top picks as always!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  5. Oh they are truly gorgeous!!!x

  6. That first cactus print dress is so cute, who would've thought that cacti could be cute! great picks!

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  7. I love Emily & Fin - the cactus dress is so cute! x



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