Thursday, 5 March 2015

Spring Wishlist

I love Spring.  Everything feels new and refreshed, the days start to get longer and nature suddenly wakes up and starts blooming.  It's like a shot of vitamins, I suddenly feel more alive and have energy to do things other than sit on the sofa under a blanket moaning how cold it is.  I like to have a Spring clean to chase the Winter cobwebs away and add some new life into my home and wardrobe.  With this in mind I have put together a Spring wishlist thinking about the accessories I will want as we approach Summer and how I will inject a bit of the brightness of Spring into my home. 

Top L-R Bag  /  Clutch  /  Phone Case  /  Bag  /  Shoes  /  Sunglasses  /  Watch

I have ended up with three bags in my wishlist because I just cannot decide what I want!  I love the colours of all three and usually end up going for a small grab bag of some description but those tassels!  The yellow clutch bag really is a wishlist only item though, as much as I adore it I can't justify the price tag.  But those cute little heart punches are making me lust after it all the same.  I seem to switch between yearning for pastels and tropical brights so have decided that they work well together anyway and that my way forward is just all the colour.  I absolutely adore the Orla shoes and this is my favourite colourway but also the colour I would probably get the least use from, always the way! I will most likely go for practical and get the tan ones with the hope of the yellow ones ending up in the sale!  I loved my last phone case from Paperchase, reasonably priced with cute designs that are much lacking for the iPhone 6 still and this tropical beauty has won my hear.  Finally my last two requirements are a new pair of sunglasses, this retro pair from asos fit the bill wonderfully, and a lighter coloured watch.  I have two Olivia Burton watches now and think a pastel strapped version needs to be adorning my arm in the near future!

 Top L-R Rug  /  Cushion  /  Clock  / Duvet  /  Cushion  /  Prints

We re-decorated our spare bedroom recently and have added a lot of colour to the once monochrome theme but I want more!  Yellow always makes me think of Spring, I think it is my association with daffodils being a sign that Spring is approaching.  I want to add more yellow and go further with the tropical vibe it now has.  I am awaiting the arrival of this awesome duvet cover online at George Home.  I mean, just look at it!  The new range of duvet covers are set to be my favourite yet, some amazing designs going on.  I want to add a couple more yellow cushions, I couldn't resist the cute yellow honeycomb clock and if the tropical prints from Etsy do not have you reaching for your swimsuit I am not sure what will.  All finished off with the cute striped rug from H&M, helping further tie the monochrome/yellow/tropical theme we now have going on.  I get most of my homeware and prints from H&M, George Home and Etsy and the moment it would seem.

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  1. I love that lavender bag.
    Rubi | The Den |

  2. oh my gosh, can I just have ALL of these?! Especially loving those sunnies..!

    Louise x


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