Monday, 2 March 2015

Ladbrokes Style Challenge

The folk over at Ladbrokes recently conducted a survey looking at what British women look for in their perfect man.  They found that 80% of women would choose personality over looks though specify that for a man to be perfect he must earn £45k per year!  The top five celebrity crushes included David Beckham, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Depp. No surprises there although personally none of them float my boat.  As part of this campaign Ladbrokes have challenged a number of bloggers to create the perfect look for the man in their life.  I love dressing Gray, he is tall and slim so all of my favourite styles look great on him.  A third of women questioned said they love the suited and booted look and whilst I do like Gray in a suit I much prefer when he is dressed down.

My favourite outfit for Gray is simple, it consists of black skinny jeans, a striped top and converse boots. Simple but oh so chic!  Skinny jeans have become Gray's basic uniform, he wears them like I wear dresses!  He gets most of his jeans from Primark- after buying him a pair a few years ago and getting him to try them on before I told him where they were from he loved the fit and then the fact they are only £10.  They are not too skinny on him and are apparently really comfy.  I love a guy in a striped top, there is something effortlessly stylish about them.  This top from Cheap Monday puts a funky little spin on the regular Breton style striped top.  Gray loves converse almost as much as I do!  He chose to wear them on our wedding day and owns way more pairs than I do.

Jeans: Primark  /  Top: Cheap Monday  /  Shoes: Converse

I tend to choose most of Gray's clothes these days and thankfully do not get too many 'I'm not wearing that!'  I know what he likes and what he looks good in and unlike Gray I like spending time shopping on the internet.  What do you think to the outfit I have put together for Gray?  What would you're ideal man be wearing?



  1. I'd bloody love for my boyfriend to let me dress him. I do get a say when we go shopping and he's always surprised when I what I pick suits him. He goes to work in a suit which I love, it's just his casual wear that could do with a tweak! Gray looks ace - breton stripes and Converse for life over here!

  2. Looking slick Gray, I love a stripey top. I buy Martyn's clothes too but I wish he would wear more than one pair of jeans. If he could wear the same clothes everyday he would.

  3. I love shopping for men but I'm all about the shoes.


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