Monday, 30 March 2015

Lollipop Love

I had a real tough time trying to decide which of the new Orla Kiely for Clarks shoes I needed from the SS15 collection, it's my favourite collection yet.  I managed to narrow it down to the Bibi style but it comes in three colours and I obviously need all three!  The Bibi is a closed toe, mid heel sandal which is oh so hard to find.  I can't be alone in not liking open toed shoes and not wanting flats, I really struggle finding summer shoes.  It is definitely not summer just yet though so thankfully these shoes look just as awesome with opaques.  I opted for the pink as they are the perfect match for my favourite Brit-Stitch bag and are exactly what I need for an upcoming wedding outfit.  Oh and I managed to bag them with 20% off at Very which also helped narrow down my choice! Can't knock a £25 saving.

I received this beautiful dress from Sugarhill Boutique last week and needed to share it asap.  Just look at that print!  Sugarhill Boutique never fail to deliver the most gorgeous prints, their lookbook had me cooing over all the prints - just look at the pandas and the elephants.  Oh boy.  This is the first midi dress I have had from Sugarhill Boutique and I am in love, the length is just perfect and it skims in all the right places.  All my favourite ice lollies on one dress too, though if I have to choose I would defo go with a fab, yum!  I love how this outfit has come together, it's as if each component was designed specifically to compliment the others.  I'm still getting my trusty pink heart manicure too, I am definitely a creature of habit! 


Friday, 27 March 2015

Made By Me #122

It's Friday!!!!  After a weekend filled full of Rosie's playlist I have got R Kelly Ignition in my head 'its the freakin' weekend baby I'm about to have me some fun'  Now I can't promise that R Kelly was actually on the playlist... there was a lot of Backstreet Boys though  #winning.  This is one of the Cotton and Steel fabrics I preordered from The Village Haberdashery back in December.  It is from the Tokyo Train Ride collection by Sarah Watts and even though this one doesn't actually contain any trains it is still rather awesome.  It gets so many compliments whenever I wear it and I love the pop of pink in the print.  I never really seem to go for green but the green mountains have got me wanting an actual green dress.  Think I need to find me some fabric.

Shoes: Office


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Wednesday Wants

I bloody love a good novelty bag!  Sure you may not be able to fit all your essentials in them but what does that matter when just catching a glimpse brings a big smile to your face?!  I have managed to whittle my essentials down to a few items just to enjoy the pleasure they bring... and hey you can always make use of a tote bag as well ;)  I have picked out my current favourites and may have already purchased two of them (I totally have!)  Which one would you go for?

 Top to Bottom: asos  /  asos  /  asos

 Top to bottom: Pull & Bear  /  Skinnydip  /  Accessorize

Top to bottom: New Look  /  New Look  /  New Look


Friday, 20 March 2015

Made By Me #129

Happy Friday!  Mine is extra specially happy today as I am off work and am going on a road trip with Katy to Bath for Rosie's hen weekend.  Hopefully by the time you read this I will have finished dress number 132 which I am planning on wearing for the occasion.  Nothing like a new dress to make an occasion feel extra special.  I can't wait to help Rosie celebrate her upcoming nuptials, blogging really has bought the best people into my life.

I have a stack of fabric that I have already cut out ready to sew but then something else comes along which gets pushed to the front of the queue.  I'm sure you won't be surprised that this awesome fabric jumped right to the front of the queue, it was just demanding to be whipped up into a dress and worn pronto!  As we are heading towards April I am sure I will be amusing myself wearing my new umbrella print dress and thinking of the April showers we are no doubt in line for.  Either that or umbrella-ella-ella will be on constant repeat in my head.   

The fabric is such fun and the colours really vibrant.  You can just about make out the tonal raindrops in the close up photo of the bodice.  I am loving the fact that the pink in it will work really well with my new Orla's, almost as if I planned it!  I'm not allowing myself to wear them just yet so popped on a pair of my favourites from the AW collection.  I have been wearing a lot of blue and navy recently so have dug out my navy strapped Olivia Burton watch, think I might have to get a pink strapped one for summer so I can be all matchy matchy.  The fabric was kindly supplied by Elephant in my Handbag, make sure you check out their selection of fabrics and make good use of the discount code in my sidebar - they have just taken delivery of some lush Cotton and Steel fabrics.

Dress: Made by me using Umbrellas by Dashwood Studio*
Pattern: Emery by Christine Haynes 


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Wednesday Wants

Every season I look forward to seeing what Asos will come up with for their Salon range and they never fail to amaze!  Some how each collection is even more beautiful than the last, even if at the time I think that won't be possible, they prove me wrong.  You have to get your order in quick or be prepared to constantly check to see if your size comes back in stock. 

The first dress is actually out of stock at the moment but it is my favourite of the collection and deserves to be seen so sorry if you are now frantically refreshing the page hoping someone is silly enough to return it!  It is a total show stopper, a beautifully detailed grey midi dress.  I am swooning over it so bad I am finding it hard to put into words how gorgeous it is without sounding like a fool!  From the beautifully full tulle skirt to the sequined bodice I love every bit of it.  I love how it is demure with it's midi length and elbow length sleeves but a bit cheeky and playful at the same time from the back.  Oh my - it is absolutely perfect.

 Dress: asos Salon

I wouldn't usually look twice at a maxi dress but am totally in love with this one.  The proportions look like they would actually work on me rather than swap me.  I love the layered design of the bodice and obviously pockets are always a winner.

 Dress: asos Salon

My final pick is more my regular style, I do love a good metallic jacquard dress.  This one has a beautifully full skirt with a net hemmed lining helping give it extra fullness.  The boat neckline gets more daring ending in a low scoop and the bodice front embellished with floral crystals. So pretty!

Dress: asos Salon


Monday, 16 March 2015

London Retro Presley

Since having my most recent spell of iritus I have been having to wear glasses on a more frequent basis.  My eyes seem to get tired quicker and are not as tolerant of contact lenses as they once were.  I bought myself a pair of London Retro glasses from Glasses Direct that tone really well with my hair colour and make them less obvious to help get me used to seeing photos of me in glasses again. 

Glasses Direct have a great range of designer glasses and after being previously gifted a pair of London Retro sunglasses and being really impressed with both the service and the quality they are now my go to brand.  The frames are fresh and up to date even though they have a fab retro feel to them.  They have recently launched a new collection, Retrospectiv, and offered to send me a new pair of glasses for review.  This time I decided to go for a more in your face frame and selected the Presley in rich havana and I love them!  The site details the dimensions of the glasses so I used this to measure the frames and make sure they wouldn't be too big for my face.  They also offer a free home trial where you can select up to four frames and try them out at home before deciding to order.

I'm starting to get used to seeing myself in glasses again and hopefully you'll agree that my new frames suit me!

Glasses: London Retro*


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Wednesday Wants

A cactus print dress!!  I have been lovingly expanding my cactus collection over the past few months and as a result have been looking for the perfect cactus print fabric but haven't been able to find anything that isn't a bit too wild west for my tastes.  Looks like I might have to bite the bullet and get this beautifil Emily and Fin dress, it is everything I dreamed of!  I have a long standing love affair with the Lucy dress and the colours of this one make it a total knock out.  It is now available to pre-order at Aspire Style.

 Dress: Emily & Fin

Boden are another that never let me down.  Consistantly producing dreamy dresses season after season.  I couldn't pick my favourite, too hard to decide, so I have shared my two joint favourite dresses from this seasons new drop.  First up is this awesome pastel beauty, it is making me want to add the little bow onto my Emery dresses!  It is pretty similar in style to the Emery which is probably what captivated me.  I love the mix of colours, perfect for a Spring wedding.

 Dress: Boden

You design a beach print dress and you can guarantee I will want it!  Perfect for sunny strolls along the beach, the print is so adorable!

 Dress: Boden

Finally I want to share this adorable pink dress from asos.  It's going to be a bit Marmite but I love it!!  Whilst I couldn't get away with the colour I love the shape of it and the bodice detailing.  The beaded detailing makes it extra special and the below elbow sleeves make it different from most occassion dresses available.  Simply stunning!

Dress: asos


Monday, 9 March 2015

Polka Dot Princess

I shared this dress in a recent wishlist post and commented how flattering the cut is and boy was I right, it nips in at the waist into a beautifully full skirt   The dress is 100% cotton and 100% twirl generating!  As soon as you pop it on you cannot help but watch the full skirt move with you.  The drape is just perfect.  I've kept it simple and teamed it with a fluffy cardigan and black tights but this dress is really for balmy summer days and sandals.  But it is March and my legs are not ready to come out of hibernation yet so you'll have to pretend.  Along with this polka dot number and their standard range of floral dresses there are also a few striped dresses this season in a perfect Spring palette.

I was lucky enough to be sent a couple of items by the lovely folk at Joules which also included this bedding set, I might have let out a little gleeful squeal when I opened the parcel as it is just so pretty!  Their range of floral bedding is awesome, I always have at least one on my wishlist.  They wash really well and feel lovely against your skin, this one went straight in the wash the day it arrived as I couldn't wait to get it on our bed.  Nothing beats pretty fresh bedding.

Dress: Joules*
Cardigan: Old
Shoes: Office


Thursday, 5 March 2015

Spring Wishlist

I love Spring.  Everything feels new and refreshed, the days start to get longer and nature suddenly wakes up and starts blooming.  It's like a shot of vitamins, I suddenly feel more alive and have energy to do things other than sit on the sofa under a blanket moaning how cold it is.  I like to have a Spring clean to chase the Winter cobwebs away and add some new life into my home and wardrobe.  With this in mind I have put together a Spring wishlist thinking about the accessories I will want as we approach Summer and how I will inject a bit of the brightness of Spring into my home. 

Top L-R Bag  /  Clutch  /  Phone Case  /  Bag  /  Shoes  /  Sunglasses  /  Watch

I have ended up with three bags in my wishlist because I just cannot decide what I want!  I love the colours of all three and usually end up going for a small grab bag of some description but those tassels!  The yellow clutch bag really is a wishlist only item though, as much as I adore it I can't justify the price tag.  But those cute little heart punches are making me lust after it all the same.  I seem to switch between yearning for pastels and tropical brights so have decided that they work well together anyway and that my way forward is just all the colour.  I absolutely adore the Orla shoes and this is my favourite colourway but also the colour I would probably get the least use from, always the way! I will most likely go for practical and get the tan ones with the hope of the yellow ones ending up in the sale!  I loved my last phone case from Paperchase, reasonably priced with cute designs that are much lacking for the iPhone 6 still and this tropical beauty has won my hear.  Finally my last two requirements are a new pair of sunglasses, this retro pair from asos fit the bill wonderfully, and a lighter coloured watch.  I have two Olivia Burton watches now and think a pastel strapped version needs to be adorning my arm in the near future!

 Top L-R Rug  /  Cushion  /  Clock  / Duvet  /  Cushion  /  Prints

We re-decorated our spare bedroom recently and have added a lot of colour to the once monochrome theme but I want more!  Yellow always makes me think of Spring, I think it is my association with daffodils being a sign that Spring is approaching.  I want to add more yellow and go further with the tropical vibe it now has.  I am awaiting the arrival of this awesome duvet cover online at George Home.  I mean, just look at it!  The new range of duvet covers are set to be my favourite yet, some amazing designs going on.  I want to add a couple more yellow cushions, I couldn't resist the cute yellow honeycomb clock and if the tropical prints from Etsy do not have you reaching for your swimsuit I am not sure what will.  All finished off with the cute striped rug from H&M, helping further tie the monochrome/yellow/tropical theme we now have going on.  I get most of my homeware and prints from H&M, George Home and Etsy and the moment it would seem.

**Post in Collaboration with Two Big Ladies


Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Wednesday Wants

The arrival of March has seen the new Mod Dolly Spring/Summer collection arrive and boy is it a cracker!  Mod Dolly dresses are handmade in London and I can vouch for the quality.  My favourite has to be the new style, the Betty utility dress.  An awesome full skirted beauty complete with matching fabric covered buttons and a waist tie.  Currently available in three colour ways, the teal version is definitely my favourite.  You can see the full collection here and whilst you're at it check out the Retro Mod Dolly range, one off pieces made from vintage fabrics.

 Dress: Mod Dolly

This dress has made me long for a tan so I could pull off this beautiful baby pink.  I am loving Closet's work right now, so many beautiful longer length dresses to pick from.  I especially like the pocket detail on this one, a really nice touch.  It's also made in London, yay!

 Dress: Closet

This last one is an absolute stunner!  It would probably end up more of a maxi dress on me than the intended midi but that doesn't stop me stroking the monitor.  It's 100% cotton and would be perfect for a summer wedding.

Dress: asos


Monday, 2 March 2015

Ladbrokes Style Challenge

The folk over at Ladbrokes recently conducted a survey looking at what British women look for in their perfect man.  They found that 80% of women would choose personality over looks though specify that for a man to be perfect he must earn £45k per year!  The top five celebrity crushes included David Beckham, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Depp. No surprises there although personally none of them float my boat.  As part of this campaign Ladbrokes have challenged a number of bloggers to create the perfect look for the man in their life.  I love dressing Gray, he is tall and slim so all of my favourite styles look great on him.  A third of women questioned said they love the suited and booted look and whilst I do like Gray in a suit I much prefer when he is dressed down.

My favourite outfit for Gray is simple, it consists of black skinny jeans, a striped top and converse boots. Simple but oh so chic!  Skinny jeans have become Gray's basic uniform, he wears them like I wear dresses!  He gets most of his jeans from Primark- after buying him a pair a few years ago and getting him to try them on before I told him where they were from he loved the fit and then the fact they are only £10.  They are not too skinny on him and are apparently really comfy.  I love a guy in a striped top, there is something effortlessly stylish about them.  This top from Cheap Monday puts a funky little spin on the regular Breton style striped top.  Gray loves converse almost as much as I do!  He chose to wear them on our wedding day and owns way more pairs than I do.

Jeans: Primark  /  Top: Cheap Monday  /  Shoes: Converse

I tend to choose most of Gray's clothes these days and thankfully do not get too many 'I'm not wearing that!'  I know what he likes and what he looks good in and unlike Gray I like spending time shopping on the internet.  What do you think to the outfit I have put together for Gray?  What would you're ideal man be wearing?

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