Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Wednesday Wants

It's that time again, the new Emily and Fin collection is now available for pre-sale at Aspire!  I love Emily and Fin, the dresses are nicely made and the prints they choose are just perfect.  I've picked my three favourites to share, there are plenty more to drool over though!  I'm glad to see Abigail is back for another season, she is a total stunner.  I love this plaid number, from the colours to the size of the checks.  Reminds me that I have a similar fabric waiting to be made up.

 Dress: Emily and Fin

This is my favourite of the new Lucy prints, although it might not seem like it sometimes I really love an understated but cute print, haha. 

 Dress: Emily and Fin

What was I saying about understated just a few seconds ago?!  This is my favourite of the three!  I haven't seen the Claudia dress before but love the shape and obviously the print.  I am a bit obsessed with cacti at the moment so the fact it has cacti and cowboys made me do a little squeal of delight.  This might be the dress that breaks me and means I have to buy a RTW dress this year!!



  1. Oh be still my heart! I want #1 and #2 SO much right now....I can't click the Aspire link, my bank balance won't thank me for it but ohhhh it's too tempting!!

    Damn you!
    Damn Emily and Finn!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. Want them all! Especially the clouds print dress. I love Emily and Fin. So flattering. So pretty xx


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