Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Wednesday Wants

I love this time of year.  For the amazing new arrivals and obviously not the lovely weather.  We had a little flurry of snow last night, I'm hoping that's the only snow we see this year.  Boden never fail to hit the spot with their lovely prints and shapes.  I am loving this apple print, though I usually prefer things to be in the colour they are IRL I am drawn to the blue version especially after seeing it in such a beautiful setting. 

 Dress: Boden

I always love seeing what Cath Kidston will do next with their clothing line.  They stick to a few simple shapes (well if it works, haha!) and come up with swoon-worthy designs every season.  I love the ric rac print fabric and have decided that one is my favourite of the new collection.  I also have been drooling over their collaboration with Gola.  Who else could make me want a pair of trainers other than Cath Kidston?!

 Dress: Cath Kidston

Back in safe shoe territory, I have been trying to talk myself out of these holographic beauties from asos. They are quite similar to the ones from Topshop but less harsh and maybe more wearable.  Oh I don't know which ones I want!  These ones also come in pink, can I have a pair of each please?!

Shoes: asos



  1. Oh, but snow is so fun!!
    I love the Boden dress - why am I torturing myself by reading these posts?!

  2. So much prettiness! Love the shiny shoes.

  3. Yes, I liked the ricrac dress best of all! I bought a gorgeous pair of holographic shoes from asos a couple of years ago but like these, too pointy for me!x

  4. A ric rac dress?! I can't believe that one escaped my dress radar. Love the Boden apple dress too, very 50s.

  5. If ONLY we had the weather to match those dresses!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  6. That new Cath Kidston print is cute. Wish they still had the train print stuff there :( xx


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