Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Wednesday Wants

I know lots of people gush about Autumn.  I lost count of the number of tweets/photos I saw welcoming October this year.  Too many for even an Autumn loving girl like me to handle.  What I most love about Autumn is the temperature and being able to wear clothes I love without feeling like I am going to pass out with heat exhaustion.  I don't enjoy the lack of light.  I don't enjoy rain, though we get that most of the year anyway, and I certainly do not enjoy winter approaching.  Autumn to me means sleeves, cosy fabrics, new coats and things you can only really get away with at this time of the year such as leather and sequins! 

My heart might have skipped a beat when I saw this knitted gem from asos.  Most knitted dresses usually end up being nothing more than an oversized jumper which does nothing for my shape.  This skater shaped dress is something I can get excited about especially with that gorgeous scalloped neckline. 

 Dress: asos

I love leather/pleather and would dig it out all year round if it wasn't so damned uncomfortable to wear in any sign of heat.  This midi length dress is amazing, the cut is spot on.  It's from Dorothy Perkins so whilst already reasonably priced you can guarantee you won't need to wait long for a discount code. In fact 24FORU will give you 24% off til Midday today, Wednesday 15th October.

 Dress: Dorothy Perkins

Browsing the dresses on Oasis has me cooing at the moment, there are so many beautifully cut dresses in gorgeous fabrics.  I really love the simplicity of this cobalt blue dress and think it looks great worn with a pair of ankle boots as styled on the website.

Dress: Oasis



  1. I really don't like pleather but the shape is nice! the knitted dress IS pretty!

    1. I love pleather! Especially full skirted midi shapes, yum!


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