Friday, 17 October 2014

People Tree

This time of the year lots of us begin that annual struggle, the hunt for dresses with sleeves.  And if you are lucky enough to find them - dresses with sleeves and pockets.  They are like the holy grail!!  I didn't want to come across all smug that I can add both of these to every dress I make and remembering the struggle clearly thought I should do a bit of research!  It turns out People Tree have come to the rescue with this checked beauty - it has both sleeves and pockets and as a bonus is made from 100% organic cotton.  People Tree are proud of their organic cotton and obvious ethical reasons aside I can totally see why, it is lovely to wear.  It is also knee length on 5'5" me so is almost everything I look for in a dress.  I would personally prefer the skirt to be fuller, I have stretched it out in the photo I have my hands in the pockets so you can see the cut of the skirt better.  It is also available in a burgundy colourway.

I originally planned to wear this with red shoes as I love how black and white work with red but haven't been able to wear anything other than these Clarks shoes since I got them.  They are so, so comfy and I think they are super cute.  I have been alternating between the black and navy versions and am kind of torn between wanting to wear them all the time and not wanting to wear them out... obviously at the moment wearing them all the time is winning.  I finally found a coat at the weekend and now really need these ones as they would go with my coat perfectly!  I am going to have to put them on my Christmas list and hope they don't sell out before then.  

Dress: People Tree*



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  2. That looks like such a perfect dress for the colder season!

    // Oh Dollymix

    1. It will defo layer up well and will work with most other colours so yep, I agree :)

  3. It's interesting to see how much this dress looks like the Emery dress, but with a slimmer skirt. No surprise why you like it so much :) It's bit difficult to see the details because the print is so awesome; is the bodice shaped similarly to the Emery?

    1. It's jersey so there are no darts on the bodice but yeah it is a pretty similar shape :)


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