Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Wednesday Wants

I have some crackers for you this week!  I feel like I am holding on to the dregs of summer with the first, moving through to autumn with the second and getting ready for party season with the third.  Sorted til Christmas!  Oh gosh, I said the C word.

The colour palette on this Oasis number is just stunning.  I have bought a few pink and purple mix fabrics recently but none of them are a patch on this print.  I love the addition of peach, really unusual but it works so well.   The base colour is navy so it would give me an excuse to wear my current favourite Clarks.  Not that I need an excuse!

 Dress: Oasis

I've seen a lot of people throw around the phrase 'autumnal hues' recently and it totally describes this next dress.  I can almost see the leaves turning these colours.  Not the black obvs.   I have the perfect russet coloured scarf to wear with this dress and I really need to dig my black ankle boots out, this is defo an ankle boots kinda dress.

 Dress: Topshop

Hello my pretty!  This beautiful, beautiful striped number is a bolder version of my favourite dress.  I am totally swooning over here.  I love the neckline on this one and the way it has been shaped to add volume without adding bulk.  It's far too similar to my dress but that doesn't mean I want it any less!

Dress: Coast

Don't forget you can save 10% at Aspire using the code million10  I really need to go try this coat on!



  1. Oh gosh that topshop dress is just lovely!

  2. The Oasis dress is gorgeous! So fresh and beautiful pattern.
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  3. I love the first one! My favorite. xx Lisa

  4. Oooo I really want those first two, So pretty!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  5. Love these dresses! Especially the first!

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  6. The third one is just stunning, i love it ! I'am always fans of striped dressing.



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