Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Wednesday Wants

I almost forgot to publish this wishlist today and that would have been a disaster as I have found some GEMS!  Dresses with sleeves.  I repeat, dresses with sleeves!  They have almost become the holy grail of the dress world and one of the main reasons I wanted to start dressmaking.  I want to wear a pretty dress and cover up my arms without having to hide half of the dress under a cardi. 

This gorgeous chevron number is made from organic cotton by People Tree.  Isn't it just divine?!  It is pretty similar to the style I make for myself only with a pleated skirt instead of a gathered skirt.  I have checked and unfortunately it doesn't have pockets but I can forgive that when it has spot-on sleeves and is the most perfect shape.

Dress: People Tree

Okay so this is not something I would ever wear myself as I would look awful in the a-line shape but look at that print! Bloody gorgeous.  I wouldn't know whether to wear it or hang it as a work of art!

Dress: asos

Boden can't seem to stop making drool worthy dresses this season, I mean just look at this one!  This is my favourite colourway by far.  It is made from wool and has a wonderful full skirt that looks like it will swoosh all over the place.  Brilliant. 

Dress: Boden



  1. Ah that people tree dress has your name written all over it!

  2. Oh, the People Tree dress is lovely. That Boden dress is so pretty in plaid. I've finally worn my checked one!

  3. I like the first dress!
    have a nice day

  4. The Boden dress is so cute! I am wondering if I could pull off the Asos number though, amazing!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  5. Nice sharing, see more dresses


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