Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Wednesday Wants

I'm struggling at the moment you guys!  All I want to do is create a wishlist full of snuggly winter coats but I am way to early to be able to do that.  They have started hitting the new in section but nothing has taken my fancy yet.  Except this but obviously not in that fabric as it would go with almost nothing in my wardrobe.  I did promise Gray last year that I wouldn't buy any coats this year... think I can keep that promise?! Hehe.

Even though I am not one for florals I cannot help be be drawn to this Modcloth number.  I think it's the combination of the retro fabric with that big chunky collar.  Makes me want to grab a pinny and be a good housewife.  I've started to keep an eye on the Bea and Dot range as they use some commercially available fabric including ants and galaxy prints!  Might get some inspiration from their choices.

Dress: Modcloth

I have been hunting high and low for a fabric half as beautiful as this one.  I want some lovely jacquards/brocades/taffetas to make some occasion dresses but just cannot find any.  Almost contemplating buying this skirt and the matching top and turning them into a dress.   Expensive option but just look how beautiful that skirt is!! 

I am being pulled back to the pink side, guess it is Wednesday after all.  I avoided it for so long after going ginger but think it works now my hair is paler.  This Zara dress is a lovely shade/shape/length.  Just lovely actually.  And the textured fabric is just perfect.   Jewel colours FTW!

 Dress: Zara



  1. The galaxy dress you linked to is amazing! I have already started sewing for fall and I think you should go for it if you're inspired!

  2. That skirt is amazing. I love love love the print!


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