Monday, 18 August 2014

Hello Autumn Winter!

The weather has taken a turn and I no longer feel like a total wally for starting to plan my Autumn/Winter wardrobe.  To be honest it has kinda crept up on me after all my procrastination and I feel like I should have made more of a start. What's the betting we end up with an Indian summer now though?!  I still have a few summery dresses I want to get made but I couldn't resist making a few of my new fabrics up now, I mean just look at them!!  The prints are AWESOME.

I seem to be drawn to checks/spots and graphical prints at the moment.  I didn't really think I wore a lot of blue but if there is a choice of colour ways blue wins almost every time!  All of these are going to look great with my new Clarks shoes.

I have still got some ace prints planned and am on the look out for more to add to the to make list.  I rushed through the above dresses as I just had to wear them now.  I have already bought a few Christmas fabrics ready for this years Christmas dresses (Jumpers?! Pah!)

And I want to get my party dress on!  I cannot wait to make the silk taffeta and purple shot silk dresses, they will be perfect for twirling around in.  The bottom two are pretty special too, both use gold ink, yummy!

I have sorted out some shoes ready, I have already mentioned my new Clarks.  They are the shoes I have been dreaming of!  I need these shoes in every colour please Clarks.  I bought the navy Converse Dance Lace whilst in London.  I wanted these in red too but they are only available in a burgundy red now, boohoo.

Clarks   |   Converse

I have also found an ace plaid bag with lots of pockets and a gorgeous blue lining to be my work horse this coming season.  I usually end up going for a bigger bag than the cute ones I carry round in summer even though I have less to put in it as I no longer need to carry my sunglasses round with me.  I love the cord detailing, I really need to take some time to work out how to add a pleated skirt to the Emery bodice so I can use some fab corduroy fabric I have in my stash. 

Now all I need is a cute pair of boots and a knee length waisted coat, let me know if you spot something I might like!!  Autumn/Winter I am so ready for you.



  1. I love fall! I've already planned my fall/winter sewing and shoes, too!

  2. Tooooooo sooooooooon. ☀️

  3. LOVE the umbrella print! So cute. I am so impressed with your dressmaking skills Sarah! I am so useless at things like that.

    Beth \\ SANS SOUCI

  4. That gingham fabric looks amazing!

  5. I can't wait for the cooler weather, I hate summer! Loving the look of these fabrics too- they are gorgeous...

    Maria xxx

  6. OH! I love all of these fabrics, especially the black spotty one! Can't wait to see what you do with them, and I'm so happy AW is on its way, I've missed my boots. Have you ever made a dress with a different fabric skirt? Would it be hard? <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  7. Beautiful as always! And honestly, I love (and might even prefer) a pleated skirt! It's so easy! You can do it!!!

  8. What brand is the umbrella and cloud one? I need it!

    1. Hi Suzanne, it is from spoonflower :)


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