Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Wednesday Wants

My favourite hem length is usually the most difficult to find (isn't that always the way!)  I do not suit a maxi hem at all, makes me feel incredibly frumpy, and no longer want to show my bum to the world in the crazy short skirt length that seems to have become the norm.  I didn't ever want to truth be told but was limited by the options presented.  Whilst I have loved the availability of the midi hem in recent times I am still not 100% sold that it always suits me.  More often than not midi dresses end up being returned as I am just not sure I can pull them off.  Oh to be tall!  I can always rely on knee length when I can find them and it is the hem length of choice for most of the dresses I make myself. 

You'll need to give me a moment.  I need to compose myself after fawning all over this beauty from Boden.  Isn't she just perfect?!  I love that Boden often manage to make the dresses that are in my head, a high neckline, nicely fitted bodice, a full skirt and elbow length sleeves.  Oh my!! She is called Amy and I am a bit in love.

 Dress: Boden

I love seeing what prints Cath Kidston have come up with for the new season and my favourite by far this collection is the burgundy backed clocks print.  The colours are perfect and the print oh so cute.  My only criticism is the dress is described as jacquard online but it is the same fabric as the bird and mushroom print dress, a barkcloth kind of fabric.  Whilst I love the fabric it is not as special as the description makes it sound.

 Dress: Cath Kidston

How pretty is this floral fantasy print dress from Warehouse?!  I love the mix of pinks and blues and the cut looks very flattering.  I managed to track it down to my local store and had a little stroke, it is as lovely as it looks and would be perfect for a wedding.

Dress: Warehouse



  1. lovely dresses!
    have a nice day

  2. The Boden dress is pretty much my ideal dress too, and the print is just gorgeous!! Haven't had time to flick through the AW catalogue yet. Sounds like it's worth a look!

  3. That Boden dress is beautiful!

    Maria xxx

  4. Oh that Cath Kidston dress! Such a cute print!


  5. cute dresses!

  6. That first dress is perfection! I adore it, this is also mud favourite length, and your right that it can be hard to find sometimes! But you've managed to make an entire wardrobe of your own, hehe! Enter the Two Hearts One Roof August Giveaway

  7. Beaut picks! My fave has to be the floral fantasy dress, if only so I could say to admirers "oh this old thing? It's floral fantasy fantasic" <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  8. There are just too many things I want from Boden at the moment!


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