Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Hey guys! A late one from me today, I came home full of beans and decided it was about time I took to the garden and snapped an outfit.  I have stopped sulking that I am having to wear glasses all the time and though they still really annoy me I am feeling more comfortable in them.  I much prefer this pair, I think it is because they are more similar in colour to my hair and less harsh against my skintone than the darker ones I had been wearing.  They kind of blend in more and it's not all oh hey glasses! 

Anyways on to this gorgeous lemon skirt!  I have been boring you for months over my fruity obsession and it is showing no signs of waning.  I couldn't believe my luck when I stumbled on this luscious lemon skirt on Choies at a bargain price.  It is cotton too so perfect for summer and a nice quality so it hangs well.  I have teamed it with a little cropped tee and a yellow cardigan I picked up on eBay last year.   You'll be pleased to hear that I have finally made a pineapple dress too.  Couldn't find the fabric I wanted so I bought a couple of skirts from Primark and this is the result.  Happy bunny. 

Skirt: Choies*
Top: H&M
Cardigan: Old
Shoes: asos

I managed to pick up a pair of these shoes from asos after waiting til they had gone out of stock before deciding I needed them.  Always the way!  I am still looking for a pair of mid heel closed toe sandals so if you see any let me know.  I really, really wish I could wear clogs, that would be the answer to all of my prayers.



  1. I adore this skirt! I have a thing for lemon and strawberry prints, so I fully understand and support you! What a terrific outfit :)

  2. Such a pretty summer outfit Sarah! Yellow looks to be your colour!

  3. I love all things fruit printed, this is a gorgeous skirt and you ROCK yellow x

  4. Love love this outfit, yellow is my favourite colour and it looks fab on you!

    Rocking the glasses too :)

    Caroline xx



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