Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Wednesday Wants

My favourite hem length is usually the most difficult to find (isn't that always the way!)  I do not suit a maxi hem at all, makes me feel incredibly frumpy, and no longer want to show my bum to the world in the crazy short skirt length that seems to have become the norm.  I didn't ever want to truth be told but was limited by the options presented.  Whilst I have loved the availability of the midi hem in recent times I am still not 100% sold that it always suits me.  More often than not midi dresses end up being returned as I am just not sure I can pull them off.  Oh to be tall!  I can always rely on knee length when I can find them and it is the hem length of choice for most of the dresses I make myself. 

You'll need to give me a moment.  I need to compose myself after fawning all over this beauty from Boden.  Isn't she just perfect?!  I love that Boden often manage to make the dresses that are in my head, a high neckline, nicely fitted bodice, a full skirt and elbow length sleeves.  Oh my!! She is called Amy and I am a bit in love.

 Dress: Boden

I love seeing what prints Cath Kidston have come up with for the new season and my favourite by far this collection is the burgundy backed clocks print.  The colours are perfect and the print oh so cute.  My only criticism is the dress is described as jacquard online but it is the same fabric as the bird and mushroom print dress, a barkcloth kind of fabric.  Whilst I love the fabric it is not as special as the description makes it sound.

 Dress: Cath Kidston

How pretty is this floral fantasy print dress from Warehouse?!  I love the mix of pinks and blues and the cut looks very flattering.  I managed to track it down to my local store and had a little stroke, it is as lovely as it looks and would be perfect for a wedding.

Dress: Warehouse


Monday, 28 July 2014

There's Nothing Like A Staycation

I have a guest post for you today on a subject that is close to my heart - holidaying in the UK.  For the past three years we have spent our holidays in the UK and whilst we haven't always been blessed with great weather we have always had a fab time!  My passport has just run out and I am in no hurry to renew it, there are loads of great places right here in the UK we are yet to explore.  Plus I want to stay in that chapel!!

 (photo taken in Babbacombe)

When we think of summer holidays, it's often holidaying abroad that springs to mind.  But should we really be overlooking what's right under our noses?  Sure, the UK doesn't have the climate of Southern Europe or further afield but it does have plenty of other things going for it - and when the sun does shine you certainly know about it.  People are instantly happier, pub gardens are packed, people flock to the seaside, you can smell the barbecues going from about lunchtime onwards and, of course, there's the unmistakeable sound of the ice cream van doing its rounds.

 (Photo taken in Ilfracombe)
The UK has some amazing places to visit and something to suit every holiday preference, so what kind of accommodation can you stay in while you're exploring our green and pleasant land? Take a look:

Boats - That's right you don't have to stay on land if you want to holiday in the UK - why not take to the water and explore the beautiful canals and other waterways throughout England, not to mention those in Wales and Scotland too.  Perhaps stay on a beautiful canal boat and navigate along your chosen route, mooring up in a different place each night, sunbathing on deck in your swimming costumes (if you need a new one for your trip choose from the great range of George's swimming costumes), popping into the local riverside pub for dinner and discovering the pretty towns and villages along your way.

(Photo taken in Brixham)

Glamping - Camping is so much more than it used to be.  Gone are the days when you had to rough it in a field full of mud with only a shared toilet and shower to freshen up.  These days you can holiday in luxury yurts, tee-pees, pretty bell tents, beautiful huts in the woods, traditional gypsy caravans and even state of the art tree houses.  Four poster beds, heating, your own private meadow and stunning interiors await you if you fancy something a bit out of the ordinary.  A particularly unusual choice is The Chapel in the grounds of Walcot Hall in Shropshire.  Nestled deep in the trees, this beautiful chapel has been lovingly restored and was even featured on George Clarke's Amazing Spaces on Channel 4.

Unusual Choices - Of course you can't get much more unusual than a chapel in the middle of the woods for your holiday accommodation, or so you would think.  Why not stay in a lighthouse cottage, or even a windmill?  Perhaps you're a history buff and would like something more than staying in your very own castle or historic manor house.  Or maybe a working farm is somewhere you'd enjoy staying if you have a love of animals and the countryside.

In terms of accommodation to suit every taste, the UK really does have it all, so dream big and imagine where you would love to stay - chances are you'll find it right here!

 (Photo taken in Brixham)


Friday, 25 July 2014

Made By Me #29

I met up with Gemma and Sarah a couple of weeks ago for lunch and a catch up.  Whilst we were there Sarah bought herself a new perfume and I went on a quest to smell the new Daisy Dream that has been teasing me all over instagram.  It smells really good and got me thinking about perfume on a whole and how personal it is.  I have used variations of Marc Jacobs perfume since Daisy was first launched but have been wondering whether I should stop wearing such a commercially successful perfume and find my 'signature scent'.  I have toyed with the idea of creating my own perfume before and think it would be a really interesting experience, has anyone done it before and did it result in a really lovely scent?  I found an experience near me via where I can do just that for £49, less than that bottle of Daisy Dream is going to cost.  

I totally squealed when I first stumbled on this fabric.  I had been searching for cotton gingham looking for the elusive 100% cotton yellow 1" check when my search led me to Dragonfly fabrics.  I didn't find the gingham I wanted but I did find this beauty.  And isn't it a beauty.  I love everything about it, from the colours to the fact the cotton is 150cm wide so used at full width resulted in an extra full skirt.  The only thing I don't like about this dress is how it photographs.  In real life I look the same in this dress as I do my other me made dresses, in these photos the checks make my torso look really wide or am I alone in thinking that?!

Dress: Made by me using Miley Check from Dragonfly Fabrics
Shoes: M&S

Char is coming to visit this weekend and the Warwick Folk Festival is on.  I am thinking about making a visit but always worry about making plans when it has been as muggy as it has been this week as I always end up getting caught in a downpour!  I got caught out last Saturday and still didn't get to see any of the amazing lightning bolts the whole rest of the country managed to catch.  Gutted.  I hate umbrellas so really need to invest in a quality waxed jacket to protect my dresses (and me!) from downpours.  I am thinking along the lines of this Barbour jacket from Accent Clothing.  Isn't the lining beautiful!  It is a good price and Gem swears by the Barbour jacket she has.


Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Wednesday Wants

I do try not to go for a single brand for the whole wishlist post but sometimes it is just not possible! Asos are banging out bloody amazing midi dresses like nobodies business at the moment and this needs to be celebrated.  Long gone are the days of either choosing between bum skimming or ankle grazing skirt lengths, thankfully I think the midi is here to stay and it is looking mighty fine. 

I cannot tell you how much this first dress makes my heart flutter.  It is so, so beautiful.  It is the same shape as the pink asos dress I blogged here which I am sure you'll agree is super flattering.  The fabric looks to be of lovely quality and I love the texture of the jacquard.  Oh someone please buy me this dress and give me an occasion to swirl about in it.  Swoon.

 Dress: asos

Not as cutesy but just as pretty the colour combination on this one is a dream.  The dress is finished off with a back full of bows and would be perfect for a wedding or just chilling in the garden ;)

Dress: asos

Oh gingham, the perfect pattern for summer days.  I still haven't made up any of the gingham fabrics I bought on holiday but this dress is making me want to push other fabrics to one side and get on with it.  I would wear it with a cute cardi to cover up my arms but for those of you blessed with beautiful arms it has a fab racer back detail, great for showing off that tan.

Dress: asos

Kudos asos!


Monday, 21 July 2014

Spray Flowers

I am a lucky girl!  My lovely friends at Aspire Style surprised me with one of their beautiful exclusive print Emily and Fin dresses.  Such a lovely surprise, it is great to open a parcel and have absolutely no idea what it contains.  I did have that 'what have I ordered and forgotten about' thought flash through my mind - that doesn't happen often ;)  Aspire Style have collaborated with Emily and Fin to design three exclusive print dresses, an Abigail, a Lucy and a long Lucy

Abigail replaced Lucy as my favourite when she was introduced last year so I was thrilled to find an Abigail inside the parcel and knew that I wanted to team it with orange so have waited until I got my hands on my favourite Clarks shoes in orange.  I waited for them to go in the sale and they are now just £19.99! There aren't many sizes left online but there were a few in my local store when I checked last week so go chance it.  And if you get to pick up a pair of the cobalt ones too then go for it, you won't regret it.  A beautiful vamp and comfy enough to wear all day, a winner.

Cardigan: Old
Dress: Emily & Fin*
Shoes: Clarks

I love the way the orange works with this dress, it really brings out the blue.  The dainty flower spray print is adorable, makes for a perfect summer dress.  A big thank you to the lovely ladies at Aspire Style, such an unexpected treat.


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Wednesday Wants

This week my wishlist is put together with my sister in mind, she is off on holiday soon and asked me to find her some cute dresses for day and night wear so that's what I've done!

There are a few sightseeing/beach perfect dresses over at George at the moment but this one has to be my favourite.  I love the colours and the little straps make it perfect for throwing on over a bikini and going for a good explore.    Cute and girly is always a winner.

 Dress: George at Asda

My sister tends to shy away from skirts as she just doesn't know what to wear them with.  Hopefully the co-ord has given her a few ideas, I prefer to wear a skirt with a crop top that hits the waistband of the skirt over tucking a vest in.  It looks far neater and gives a lovely silhouette.  I couldn't believe this palm print one is from Fashion Union, they have really stepped up their game.  I can't find it over on their site but it's available from asos.  I absolutely love this one from Miss Selfridge too, those colours!

Another tropical beauty, this time from asos.  The peachy tones will look great with a tan and I cannot get enough of all things tropical.  The textured look of the fabric really gives it a vintage vibe and I love the high neck with the racer cut neckline, perfect for my sisters lovely broad shoulders.

 Dress: asos


Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Hey guys! A late one from me today, I came home full of beans and decided it was about time I took to the garden and snapped an outfit.  I have stopped sulking that I am having to wear glasses all the time and though they still really annoy me I am feeling more comfortable in them.  I much prefer this pair, I think it is because they are more similar in colour to my hair and less harsh against my skintone than the darker ones I had been wearing.  They kind of blend in more and it's not all oh hey glasses! 

Anyways on to this gorgeous lemon skirt!  I have been boring you for months over my fruity obsession and it is showing no signs of waning.  I couldn't believe my luck when I stumbled on this luscious lemon skirt on Choies at a bargain price.  It is cotton too so perfect for summer and a nice quality so it hangs well.  I have teamed it with a little cropped tee and a yellow cardigan I picked up on eBay last year.   You'll be pleased to hear that I have finally made a pineapple dress too.  Couldn't find the fabric I wanted so I bought a couple of skirts from Primark and this is the result.  Happy bunny. 

Skirt: Choies*
Top: H&M
Cardigan: Old
Shoes: asos

I managed to pick up a pair of these shoes from asos after waiting til they had gone out of stock before deciding I needed them.  Always the way!  I am still looking for a pair of mid heel closed toe sandals so if you see any let me know.  I really, really wish I could wear clogs, that would be the answer to all of my prayers.


Monday, 14 July 2014


Not a regular topic here on A Million Dresses I have to admit!  I do love sharing my pastel kitchen though so any excuse to take a few more photos and add to the pastel cuteness works for me.  I wanted to start 'recycling' our food waste back when we first moved in to our home but the food caddy I ordered from the council didn't ever arrive and to be honest I kind of forgot about it.  We can put food waste in our green bin along with our garden waste and stickers have appeared on our bins recently reminding us of that. 

Dotcomgiftshop got in touch and asked if I would like to choose some goodies to review and whilst browsing I found this fab compost bin.  I do love an item that is both pretty and practical.  The compost bin has a removable plastic pail which makes for easy cleaning and I also picked up some biodegradable bags from the supermarket to make it even easier.  The lid forms a seal to keep in any smells but I have also added a bin freshener to the lid just in case.  Removing the food waste from our general waste bin has also reduced any odours which are hard to avoid when it is as warm as it has been recently.  Plus we have increased our recycling, win/win.

I also went for some fab pink cutlery.  We already have pastel cutlery but the quality isn't a patch on this set plus by the time the dishwasher is full we have long run out of knives.  Annoying!  I really need to add a blue set too, so pretty.   Dotcomgiftshop have a massive sale on at the moment with up to 90% off!  I really want a couple of these pretty shelves but Gray is having none of it, booooo!

If you want to have more of a nose around my kitchen you can find posts here, here and here!


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Wednesday Wants

I don't really get excited about sales, all that stock dumped together rather than nicely displayed just doesn't do it for me.  That said it makes no difference when you are browsing online and I always look forward to the great reductions offered up by French Connection.  Their dresses are always lovely quality and there are loads of timeless styles you can snap up for a bargain and whip out year after year.  I snapped up the blue version of this dress in the sales for a fraction of the price and know it is something I will pull out time and time again.

I have had a look through the pretty dresses in the sales section and pulled out my favourites.  This one is pretty similar to my blue sequin dress and is an absolute steal, I snapped mine up at this time of the year and put it up ready for Christmas parties.

Swit-swooooooooo!! How stunning is this dress?!  I can't believe I haven't noticed it before, it is so so beautiful.  How amazing would this look for a wedding,  who is getting married?! I need an invite.  I love how it has been paired with silver shoes, just perfect. Gushing over ;)

My final pick is this beautifully embroidered sundress.  I love the yellow floral embroidery and how it makes this pretty sundress into something pretty special. 

What are your top picks in the French Connection sale?  I know Char has her eye on this dress, it is so cute but SO SHORT!


Friday, 4 July 2014

Sensatori With Jonathan Saunders

I've been day dreaming of basking in the sun a lot recently and going green at the gills at some of the wonderful snaps that have been filling my instagram feed.  Unfortunately it's not going to happen for us this year, we had to decide between refreshing the kitchen and a holiday and the kitchen (sensibly!) won. 

A press release dropped into my inbox earlier this week which made me kick myself for being the sensible one!  Thomson have just launched their new Sensatori restort in Jamaica and it looks amazing!! It offers beautiful accommodation, world class spas and gourmet dining all set in the breathtaking location of Seven Mile Beach in Negril, Jamaica.  The property is owned by Karisma Hotels and Resorts and operated by Thomson.  We stayed in a Karisma Hotel for our honeymoon and they truly are first class.

What I wouldn't give to be lying by that pool right now.  And it is not just any pool!  Thomson commissioned British fashion designer Jonathan Saunders to design the poolside area and an exclusive range of beach wear and funky beach bags that will be given to the hotel guests.  Can I have a cushion too?!

Anyone fancy whisking me off?! A girl can dream!

*Post in collaboration with brand, images provided for use*


Thursday, 3 July 2014

Wednesday Wants

Yeah, yeah I know it's not actually Wednesday but better late than never right?!

Pineapples, pineapples!  I am still banging on about them ;)  I have taken a step closer to pineapple heaven and treated myself to a new pineapple phone case but a pineapple dress is still not hanging in my closet.  I think I might just order myself some printable fabric from Spoonflower which works out pretty expensive or otherwise give up trying to make my own and buy this dreamy dress, ace isn't it?!

 Dress: Kiki's Boutique

I am not going to lie, I got a bit hot under the collar when I saw this tropical beauty - ALOHA!  I love the mix of colours and it is pretty affordable too.  Nice work Dotty P.

 Dress: Dorothy Perkins

I am being drawn to geometric prints more and more (winter wardrobe planning!) but this gem is one I could fall for right now.  I absolutely love the mix of colours and it's not obvious til you look closely, the geometric print is actually made up of flowers.

 Dress: New Look


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