Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Wednesday Wants

This week's wishlist has three wishes... something I wish I could wear, something that is totally my style but I wish was available instore to try on and something that I wish I could afford or find similar fabric to make my own!  If you fancy granting any of my three wishes I would go for number one please, just need you to sort out that banging body for me ;).

This Miss Selfridge dress is totally not my style, I would look absolutely awful in it, but it is so so gorgeous!   A sophisticated nod towards everything tropical that certainly wouldn't look out of place being worn hanging out with the rich folk under a palm tree cocktail in hand.  I would go for coral shoes to bring together the dress and that amazing tan you would have earned.  The fabric is really special, it isn't a print - go check it out in closer detail!

 Dress: Miss Selfridge

Polka dots are always a winner with me plus I love the button up 50's style and the cute bow at the waist.  Not so keen on the underskirt as in my experience they never sit that well and are usually pretty itchy against the skin.  Need to see this one IRL to work out if I pulled the underskirt out would that then mean it is see through?!  I would wear this with my favourite white converse and new denim jacket.

 Dress: Dorothy Perkins

Oh my!  Just look at it!! It is perfection in a skirt.  Unfortunately the price tag is excessive, almost £100!!  It doesn't stop me lusting over it and dreaming of ways to wear.  There is also a matching crop top if you have another £40 to throw at it.  I would wear it every where.  Even to bed.  I would need to to justify spending that much on a polyester skirt!
Skirt: Topshop

What's got your pulse racing this week?



  1. that skirt is bloody lovely, you could make one!

  2. Hi Sarah. I too love polka dots. I just recently made two polka dots dresses. Seeing from your impeccable sewing skills, I’m sure you can make both dresses as well as the skirt. Just go for it!

  3. That skirt is the most amazing fabric I've seen in a while. I love a good plaid for any time of the year but this is especially amazing for summer. Its too bad the price tag is too much.

  4. I have some kain material from Bali like that last skirt! It's really pretty. Loving no.2 just clicked over to DP to look x

  5. Sarah you would love AMAZING in that polkadot number! Buy buy buy! ♥ Claire at Jazzpad


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