Thursday, 12 June 2014

Made By Me #27

I bloody love this fabric.  The colours look a bit odd in these photos but it is so fab in real life and the best bit is it glows in the dark!  Yep the stars all twinkle once they have been charged up by being left in the light.  Told you it was fab.  I realise the outfit in it's entirety maybe wasn't that well thought out as I planned on telling you about the further alterations I made to the pattern to ensure a better fit and what did I go and do? Add a super cute detachable Peter Pan collar. Oh well, it looks good ;)

The two alterations I made to the pattern and have been doing ever since are firstly to add an inch to the inside shoulder seam so that the neckline is round rather than boat.  It became more boat like after I dropped the shoulder seams to make up for my lack of shoulder.  I much prefer it with a round neck.  I also took 1cm out of the front bodice to stop the little bit of gaping I was getting around the neckline.  I followed this tutorial and it worked really well. 

Christine Haynes Emery Dress

Christine Haynes Emery Dress
Dress: Made by me using Michael Miller Nite Star fabric
Shoes: asos
 Collar: Dawson D Rose

The Emery actually comes with pattern pieces to add a cute little collar but I haven't gotten round to adding one to the 50 I have made so far (HAHA! Lazy but not lazy)  So was thrilled when Dawson D Rose got in touch and asked if I would like to style up one of their gorgeous handmade collars.  I knew straight away which design to go for, after all it will work with most of my dresses and hounded the postman til it arrived.   Doesn't it look great!  It is beautifully made with a top-stitch I am jealous of.

This photo was so hard to get!  I charged my dress up in the light, Gray and I then stood in our downstairs cloakroom and played around with camera settings in the dark til we managed to get this snap.  I think I must have moved at the wrong time as the stars are a little blurry but hey you get the idea. 



  1. OOOOOh, tis preeeeeetty!!! Love it x

  2. That is AMAZING! Such a fun dress x

  3. It's gorgeous! I how amazing is the glow in the dark effect?

  4. I still LOVE the idea of glow in the dark fabric!! I need to get some sewing hours clocked up this week!

  5. Love the print and it is just SO AMAZING it glows too!


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