Friday, 27 June 2014

Win a £100 asos Voucher with Lovestruck!

I do love it when I get challenged to put together my perfect outfit for a special occasion.  Lovestruck have done just this, they have challenged me to find the perfect outfit for a date.  If only I was popping this outfit in my shopping basket ready to head out with Gray for a night of us time.  I decided to go for an outfit to take you from a sunny late afternoon beer garden right through to kicking out time.  I had this textured skater dress in mind already, it is so beautiful and flattering it would make for the perfect date dress.  It's pretty without being too cutesy, the cut is perfect and it has lovely sleeves, oh baby! I added a pair of chunky heeled sandals and some super cute pink sunglasses.  I have always wanted pink sunglasses but for some unknown reason I am still yet to own any.

ShoesDress  |  Sunglasses

Now for the bit you guys will be the most excited about, I have partnered with Lovestruck to give you the opportunity of winning your very own perfect date outfit.  Feeling fabulous and looking great will help take care of one of the stresses of dating!  They have offered up a very generous £100 ASOS gift voucher to give away to one lucky reader.

Lovestruck is a multi award winning online dating site.  Using their date ideas tool you can not only find that perfect match but pick up some great tips on what to do on that all important first date.  If you would rather mingle with other singles Lovestruck also organise singles events and there is not a name badge in sight! You don't have to be a member of Lovestruck to attend their events so you can even drag a mate along for a bit of Dutch courage.  They also use social profiles to verify that you are who you say you are, what a fab idea!  Part of the prize is a three month membership to Lovestruck so you can try it out for yourself.  But, if like me, you are already in a relationship it is transferable so you can transfer it to someone in need and hopefully spread a bit of happiness in the process.

To enter you need to use the Rafflecopter widget below, the T&Cs and the ways to enter can be found within the widget.  The extra entries are optional but the more you do the more chance you have of being that lucky winner.  The prize is £100 voucher for ASOS plus a transferable three month membership to Lovestruck.  The giveaway is open to UK residents only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck guys!


Thursday, 26 June 2014

A Little Breather

I know I promised to catch up on my me made dresses but hey sometimes life gets in the way and sometimes you just don't wanna have your photo taken.  And that is more than okay.  I do feel like I need to make it up to you guys though, watch out for a pretty special giveaway starting tomorrow and don't forget to enter my London Retro giveaway for your chance to win a pair of sunglasses (Prescription or plain lenses!)  I adore my new London Retro glasses and am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on them.  I actually feel more comfortable wearing glasses because of them, result!

The makers of my favourite dresses have started selling direct on Not On The High Street and are offering free postage.  All you Emily & Fin addicts click over and check it out, it's pretty exciting I am sure you will agree!
 © Gary Eason (reproduced under licence)

As a distraction from the lack of my face I thought I would share this beautiful image by Gary Eason Photography.  This row of perfect beach huts puts my beach hut inspired garden shed to shame! Too cute!  It actually makes a landlocked Sarah want to live besides the sea even if it is just so I can sit sewing in a cute hut and hide from the sun.  I'll take the yellow one please.


Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Wednesday Wants

The sun is shining and the windows are being thrown open as soon as we step in the house.  That can only mean one thing - it is officially too hot for me! I find summer really difficult.  On the one hand I love all the daylight but on the other I find the heat really stifling.  It is too muggy for me and my head always feels like it is under a fuzzy layer.  I end up wasting the daylight by spending my evenings in bed having a snooze.  Anyone else like this and have you found a way to make it more bearable?  I would love any tips you guys have!

On to the pretties.  Aspire Style have collaborated with another one of the brands they stock to release a few limited edition prints.  This time it is Closet and this pretty dress is my pick of the bunch.  I love the shape and the monochrome base of the dress.  The birds are beautifully colourful and add a splash of colour whilst the dress remains sophisticated - not an easy task!

Next up is a dress from the Oliver Bonas own label, Poem.  I haven't really been impressed with their designs up til now, there was always something a bit off about them but this dress has blown me out of the water!  It is light and airy with such a cute design.  I love the mix of colours and hope that there is enough pattern to hide the inevitable ice lolly spillage ;)

 Dress: Oliver Bonas

The last dress couldn't be any less summery if it tried!  I think it is actually my favourite of this weeks picks, purple is my favourite colour and this shade of purple is divine! I don't really have many plain fabrics in my wardrobe so this would make a nice change especially paired with it's beautifully simple shape.

 Dress: Topshop

I am waiting on this lemon skirt to arrive from Choies but couldn't wait to share it!  The print is so cute and it is 100% cotton.  I can only order limited items from Choies as I am too big for most of their stuff, which is totally ridiculous but I will ignore whilst they are making beauties like this.  It is knee length too and under £30, what a steal.  I absolutely adore this skirt too, there are so many lovely designs all at fab prices.

Skirt: Choies*


Thursday, 19 June 2014

Kitchen Refresh

We have finally had a new floor fitted in our kitchen and I am so, so happy with it!  We changed the flooring in every single room apart from the kitchen when we moved in just over a year ago and it has been driving me mad ever since.   We were originally undecided on what we wanted so didn't get it done straight away and then life gets in the way and before you realise a year has passed.  With this in mind we gave ourselves a little talking to and hey presto our new floor was fitted on Tuesday.  It already feels more light and airy and way more to our taste.  I think it works perfectly with the pastel scheme.

Next job will be to decide on a new worktop.  White sucks!  I am forever bleaching tea stains off it so want something that won't stain at the sight of tea and breaks the white up but is in keeping with the rest of the kitchen so grey it is then ;)  We also need a new dishwasher, apart from being pretty ugly it is broken so we are going to replace it with a shiny white one which we think will blend in with the units better.

I have had a move around on my shelves since I first shared my kitchen with you, we actually use the pink saucepans now, haha!

We have also gone pink with our microwave, it's too cute! I love having pastel kitchen appliances, way more fun.

A little reminder as to how our kitchen looked when we first moved in, can you see why the floor did my head in?!  Such an ugly colour.

One day I will get that baby blue smeg...


Monday, 16 June 2014

Made By Me #28 & A London Retro Giveaway

I hunted high and low for this fabric and was extra specially happy when I managed to find it in the UK and there was a sale on, result!  The fabric is by Birch Organics and is a lovely quality which feels really nice to the touch.  The whole Robotic collection is pretty cool but the chemist print won me over, I love the test tubes and the mix of colours.  I plan on getting these orange Clarks as soon as they hit the sales, I have been drawn to prints that contain orange a lot recently and they will go with so many of my me made dresses. 

I had a fab time in London on Friday, fabric shopping with Roisin and Char is always much fun.  I came home with 6 new fabrics plus an absolute gorgeous fabric gift from Christine Haynes.  Talking of Christine it was so lovely to meet her and all of the other lovely ladies at the party.  There were some beautiful Emery dresses in attendance and I cannot wait to get sewing up number 51.  I think number 50 is now my favourite, I even matched my nails for the occasion!

Christine Haynes Emery Dress

Christine Haynes Emery Dress
Dress: Made by me using Chemist Robots by Birch Organics
Sunglasses: London Retro*

Glasses Direct came to my rescue recently by offering me a pair of prescription sunglasses to review.  My only pair of prescription sunglasses must be about 10 years old so the prescription is quite outdated and they make me feel a bit queasy when I wear them.  It took me ages to decide on the frame, so many of the London Retro frames are exactly my style so it really wasn't an easy choice.  I ended up going for the Jubilee frames with a dark tint and anti reflection lenses.   They arrived really quickly and I am so, so impressed at the quality.  So impressed I have since taken advantage of a fab offer, 50% off my first pair of frames plus a second pair for free!  I went for these frames as regular glasses and these ones for sunglasses.  Excited for them to arrive, maybe being able to mix up my glasses will make having to wear them a bit less of a chore.  Good news for you guys is Glasses Direct have offered up a pair of London Retro sunglasses for giveaway!  You can win your choice of frame and tinted lenses with or without prescription, see the widget below for further details. 

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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Made By Me #27

I bloody love this fabric.  The colours look a bit odd in these photos but it is so fab in real life and the best bit is it glows in the dark!  Yep the stars all twinkle once they have been charged up by being left in the light.  Told you it was fab.  I realise the outfit in it's entirety maybe wasn't that well thought out as I planned on telling you about the further alterations I made to the pattern to ensure a better fit and what did I go and do? Add a super cute detachable Peter Pan collar. Oh well, it looks good ;)

The two alterations I made to the pattern and have been doing ever since are firstly to add an inch to the inside shoulder seam so that the neckline is round rather than boat.  It became more boat like after I dropped the shoulder seams to make up for my lack of shoulder.  I much prefer it with a round neck.  I also took 1cm out of the front bodice to stop the little bit of gaping I was getting around the neckline.  I followed this tutorial and it worked really well. 

Christine Haynes Emery Dress

Christine Haynes Emery Dress
Dress: Made by me using Michael Miller Nite Star fabric
Shoes: asos
 Collar: Dawson D Rose

The Emery actually comes with pattern pieces to add a cute little collar but I haven't gotten round to adding one to the 50 I have made so far (HAHA! Lazy but not lazy)  So was thrilled when Dawson D Rose got in touch and asked if I would like to style up one of their gorgeous handmade collars.  I knew straight away which design to go for, after all it will work with most of my dresses and hounded the postman til it arrived.   Doesn't it look great!  It is beautifully made with a top-stitch I am jealous of.

This photo was so hard to get!  I charged my dress up in the light, Gray and I then stood in our downstairs cloakroom and played around with camera settings in the dark til we managed to get this snap.  I think I must have moved at the wrong time as the stars are a little blurry but hey you get the idea. 


Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Wednesday Wants

This week's wishlist has three wishes... something I wish I could wear, something that is totally my style but I wish was available instore to try on and something that I wish I could afford or find similar fabric to make my own!  If you fancy granting any of my three wishes I would go for number one please, just need you to sort out that banging body for me ;).

This Miss Selfridge dress is totally not my style, I would look absolutely awful in it, but it is so so gorgeous!   A sophisticated nod towards everything tropical that certainly wouldn't look out of place being worn hanging out with the rich folk under a palm tree cocktail in hand.  I would go for coral shoes to bring together the dress and that amazing tan you would have earned.  The fabric is really special, it isn't a print - go check it out in closer detail!

 Dress: Miss Selfridge

Polka dots are always a winner with me plus I love the button up 50's style and the cute bow at the waist.  Not so keen on the underskirt as in my experience they never sit that well and are usually pretty itchy against the skin.  Need to see this one IRL to work out if I pulled the underskirt out would that then mean it is see through?!  I would wear this with my favourite white converse and new denim jacket.

 Dress: Dorothy Perkins

Oh my!  Just look at it!! It is perfection in a skirt.  Unfortunately the price tag is excessive, almost £100!!  It doesn't stop me lusting over it and dreaming of ways to wear.  There is also a matching crop top if you have another £40 to throw at it.  I would wear it every where.  Even to bed.  I would need to to justify spending that much on a polyester skirt!
Skirt: Topshop

What's got your pulse racing this week?


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Made By Me #26

I said I would be back today and I am back with a corker!  I tend to try and avoid fabrics that are too much in the style of my two sewing comrades Roisin and Char.  When it comes to Roisin I always think of sassy pin up girls, the Eiffel Tower and nautical vibes and when it comes to Char it is DINOSAURS!  I couldn't resist this gorgeous dinosaur fabric though, it was far too adorable to pass by and I knew it would make a corker of a dress.  I love that it is fun without being child-like and the mix of colours is just perfect.

I am on baby-sitting duties for my nephew this weekend while my sister is away and think it will be the perfect dress for the occassion unless I can rustle up some digger fabric in the mean time!  I am going to take him to see the randy guinea pig at Hatton Country World.  My sister has a hen do to Blackpool, a recent survey carried out by Ladbrokes Bingo found that men think that Blackpool is in the top three destinations chosen by women for their hen do but in reality only 4% of women actually want to go to Blackpool.  Well this hen definately falls into that 4% as it was all her own choice right down to the fancy dress they will all be sporting.

Christine Haynes Emery Dress

Christine Haynes Emery Dress
Dress: Made by me using Jurassic Coast by Lewis & Irene
Bracelet: Duepunti*

This is the last Emery I made before making further adjustments to the bodice, I will go in to more detail of the adjustments I made on my next post but you can see the little gape around the neckline if you look closely.  I wouldn't batter an eye lid if this was a shop bought dress, the fit is already way better than most ready to wear clothing.  I knew I could make it perfect though if I stopped racing through dress making and took some time out to make a few more tweaks.

I am going to the Christine Haynes meet and greet in London on Friday with Roisin and Char and am really exicted at the prospect! I haven't met many 'sewy' people yet and they all seem like a lovely bunch.  I also believe that if I hadn't started with the Emery pattern my love of sewing may not have gotten so out of hand so quickly so it will be really lovely to meet the lady behind the pattern.  I am going to be stitching up a storm the next couple of evenings as I really want the dress I wear to be Emery number 50.  The fabric is pretty amazing, I can't wait to share it!  Let me know if you are going or if you want to go but don't want to go alone, we don't bite and love making new friends.

I am also wearing a little pink bracelet kindly gifted to me by Duepunti.  I was initially quite confused by the concept as I couldn't work out what the material they were made from was like.  It is kinda like jelly shoes I guess which means I love it.  It is cute and playful and really unusual, their tagline is 'unconventional diamonds' and I certainly didn't expect to see a diamond set in silicone but it works really well.


Monday, 9 June 2014

Made By Me #25

You may have noticed I have been a bit absent of late.  This is partly due to going on holiday but mostly because of my recent eye infection and how it has left me feeling over my appearance.  I know millions of people wear glasses and are happy and comfortable with them but I really am not.  When I was told I wouldn't be able to wear my contact lenses for three months I went out and ordered a new pair of glasses knowing I needed to feel happier when wearing them.  Unfortunately it has taken quite a bit for me to accept my appearance with this big chunk of plastic on my face.  So much so I really didn't want actual, proper blog photos taken.  Instagram snaps are a-okay - you can't really see too much detail so it didn't stop me from carrying on with me made May but it has meant I have put off taking outfit photos.  That tomorrow that never comes.  Until today when I realised I miss blogging and can't really put it off any longer.  Today I am sharing dress number 25, I hope to have made 50 by Friday!

This dress got such an amazing reception on instagram, even my Dad told me it was his favourite!  It makes me feel bright and happy so I thought it was the perfect dress to debut with my glasses.  Don't get me wrong I think lots of people look great behind frames, just not me.  I have teamed my dress with my lady dragons again as I loved the result and my gorgeous new Hobbs bag.   The bag is so lovely, buttery soft leather with several compartments and a strap to switch it to an across the body bag.  I think it works really well as a clutch so that is how I will be mostly using it.  I am also wearing a lovely bracelet from Nigel O'Hara.  It is a grey cord bracelet by Fiorelli with a gold plated ring detail, I love how simple it is.  I am preferring less 'blingy' jewellery at the moment.  Something which makes a statement whilst still being subtle.

Christine Haynes Emery Dress

Christine Haynes Emery Dress

Christine Haynes Emery Dress
Bag: Hobbs*
Bracelet: Nigel O'Hara

I am going to have a little catch up on outfit posts this week, see you tomorrow!


Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Wednesday Wants

I've got the Lilt advert jingle in my head this week... totally tropical taste!  I have gone tropical crazy, shame the weather hasn't taken note and given us a bit of sunshine.  I absolutely adore my me made tropical dress and cannot get enough of everything tropical right now.  They would all look absolutely fabulous with my watermelon clutch too.  Result!

I popped into Miss Selfridge yesterday to check out a denim jacket I had spied online, I think it might be the one!  Whilst in there I had a little look around and was totally dumbstruck at how beautful this dress is.  The colours are amazing and the fabric hangs really well.  Miss Selfridge have disappointed me in recent years (I used to buy loads of dresses from them a few years back) but it looks like they have really found their mojo again.  It won't just be coats I am buying from them now!

 Dress: Miss Selfridge

Sarah adds an Emily and Fin dress to a wishlist shocker!  BUT look at it!!  I missed this one first time round but you can now snap it up in the asos outlet for less than half price.  Isn't it just dreamy.  I really want to have a little nap under one of those palm trees.

 Dress: Emily and Fin

This little New Look beauty is an absolute steal!  I need someone to whisk me off on a beach holiday so I can use this as a handy beach cover up, the zip means no struggling to get dressed after a little lounge in the sun.  Just pop it on your shoulders and zip it up!  Only issue you might have is if the zip gets a bit hot but hey with a print this cute who cares about that minor detail ;)

Dress: New Look

Who fancies a can of lilt?!


Tuesday, 3 June 2014

MeMadeMay14 - Part Four

Are you all missing seeing my face on instagram every day?! Nope? Didn't think so! Even I got a bit sick of seeing my mug in my instagram feed ;)  BUT I absolutely loved taking part in Me Made May and managed to work my way through 33 dresses all made with my (fair) hands.  I found some other lovely instagram accounts whilst browsing the hashtag too so it was great all round.  I totally forgot to update my pinterest board so will get round to putting the missing ones up soon.  I will do it all in one go so not to annoy you all any more.

I think my favourite from this lot is the tropical print one, I felt absolutely fab in it and it made me totally forget the rain, oh British summer time!!  I am loving all the tropical prints in the shop right now, I almost bought Gray a tropical print shirt today but then realised that he really wouldn't ever wear it.  Spoil sport.   I am going to keep up with wearing my made by me dresses and pledge to wear them at least 4 days out of 7.  I have managed to get quite a fabric stash too and Gray is talking about banning me from buying any more til I whip some of them up into dresses... eeek!!  I have got about 10 fabrics hanging over the bannister in the hall way so maybe if I move these he will forget about it ;)  So many pretty fabrics, so little energy/sewing time.

Day 26 pm   /   Day 27   /   Day 28

Day 29   /   Day 30   /   Day 31

I really wanted to do a full round up photo but have no idea how to make it any bigger without distorting the image, I did try!  I think this perfectly sums up the pretty amazing wardrobe I have been busy creating.  I am going to make more effort to photograph some more of my makes and share them asap, what with my eye issues and going on holiday I have fallen even further behind.  Doh.

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