Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Wednesday Wants

I just can't seem to get past tropical fruity prints at the moment, maybe it's because I haven't found *the* perfect pineapple dress yet so am still searching.  I have been looking for fabric too, why is it so hard to fine?!

I absolutely adore the fabric of this Topshop dress, not enough to ignore that stupid cut out though.  What is with that?!  The pineapples mixed with the heart print is just perfection, maybe I should buy a couple and make my own dress out of them! Longer skirt, no cut out and sleeves please.

 Dress: Topshop

Fruity baby!  This River Island sundress is perfect for cocktails by the pool.  I think I spy a watermelon too, would defo have to pick my favourite of these New Look fruity clutches to go with it. I have already bought the watermelon one which seems to be out of stock at the moment :(

 Dress: River Island

How beautiful is this tropical floral print from asos?!  I would rock this with this super cute pineapple bag I spied on asos the other day.  Sandals and cocktails would make the perfect accompaniment.  Can you tell I am sitting sheltering from the drizzle, wishing that this grey day would take a brighter turn.  I am wearing my tropical emery today and it looks like it has bought tropical rains with it rather than sunshine, boohoo.

Dress: asos



  1. Have you seen the Sainsbury's fruit dress? I love it!
    That Asos last dress is lovely but I hate the cutout of that pineapple dress! I used to have a really cool pineapple print dress as a child with a matching handbag!!! Ahead of my time obviously!x

  2. Oh the cut out thing! Why is it in the most unflattering possible place? Love that last dress, what an unusual print.

  3. I love seeing all of your dresses! The cheery fabric makes me so happy to see; I can't imagine how much fun it is to wear them. How quickly can you sew up an Emery dress now? Do you line each dress?

  4. You are definitely my enabler of choice! Pineapple bag, saved! Yes, what is it with cut outs? Who actually wants to flash a tiny bit of stomach? So so annoying. With a bit of luck, you'll find the perfect fabric soon! xx

  5. Have you come across this fabric in your search ? Nicer irl than it looks in the photo ;-)

  6. You're right I hate cut outs in dresses also especially so unnecessarily. Otherwise it really is such a beautiful pineapple dress.

  7. Why would anyone want that section cutting out of any dress? Topshop are fools with their designs sometimes.


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