Tuesday, 20 May 2014

MeMadeMay14 - Part Two

Today's post is short and sweet, the second installment of my Me Made May challenge.  I currently have an infection of the cornea and iritis so am unable to easily type this myself, a big thank you to Gray for stepping in and typing for me!  Still need to spread the Me Made love after all!  My vision is only temporarily impaired, until the infection is under control I cannot have the steroid drops to treat the iritis so have been given drops to dilate my pupil which eases the pain from the iritis but means anything close up is totally blurred.  You will be seeing a lot more of me in my glasses too, last time I had iritis I wasn't allowed to wear contact lenses for three months.  If you see outfit posts of me not wearing glasses chances are I couldn't even see the camera and was being totally vain!  Anyway onto the pretty dresses...

 Day 10   /   Day 11   /   Day 12

Day 13   /   Day 14   /   Day 15

Day 16   /   Day 17   /   Day 18

Day 16 was the clear winner on instagram this week, I can see why the print is incredibly striking.  I have pulled out the dresses that I plan on taking on holiday with me so I can quickly decide which ones I am going to wear this week, only being able to wear each dress once in a month is much harder than I thought!



  1. I've been finding it hard as well - like I don't want to "waste" a good dress on a boring day..Scared of being left with the dregs at the end of the month.

  2. Day 16 dress is my favourite and after having a look at the first post I can honestly say that yellow is your colour Sarah! It just looks fab on you!

  3. I love 16 too! And 15... Oh and 18. I think I just like them all. Sucks about the eye infection though :( I've been sick during MMM as well, extra points for you for carrying on with it

  4. i love the 16 th!!!4


  5. I love them all! How much fabric do you normally buy? getting confused with all this 'fat quarter' malarky! Can't wait to start making mine :) thanks for the inspiration lady x

    1. Hi Kazandra, so sorry for the massive delay in replying. I buy 2.5 metres usually which is 10 fat quarters. If I am buying from the US I buy 12 fat quarters which is 3 yards. I use a thin cotton to line the bodice too. If you didn't want sleeves you could knock off half a metre too.

  6. I am just so jealous! Cant wait to finally move so I can have the space to have a go making my own!
    Two Hearts One Roof

  7. Oh my god I love them all! Dress 15 is so cute on you though.


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