Friday, 30 May 2014

MeMadeMay14 - Part Three

Back from holidays with a little Me Made May update.  It's the final day tomorrow and I have saved a beaut of a dress to celebrate.  I am guessing some of you who follow me on instagram will be relieved not to see my face every. bloody. day. haha.  This update contains some of the dresses I made especially for my holidays and ones I had been saving for the occasion.  Might be a little while before I catch up and share them in their full glory in an outfit post.  Unfortunately we didn't get the lovely weather of the weekend before and were treated to rain and grey skies with the occasional bit of blue sky but hey ho that's part of the package when it comes to UK holidays.

I only managed to make one dress whilst on holiday, I had to pack up my machine in between sewing and decided it was too much effort so had a snooze on the sofa instead.  I did buy some amazing fabric though, well worth getting wet for.  I seemed to find every loose paving slab whilst hunting down the fabric shop and ended up getting soaked from both ends :(  I have also found the cutest fabric to make the Emery I am going to wear to the Christine Haynes meet and greet next month, can't wait to get it washed and made up, I want to try and keep it a surprise but am terrible and find it really hard not to share stuff I am excited about.  Worst secret keeper ever!

 Day 19   /   Day 20   /   Day 21

 Day 22   /   Day 23am   /   Day 23pm

Day 24   /   Day 25   /   Day 26am

Have a lovely weekend and I will be back with some outfit posts next week!



  1. A lovely round of dresses!

  2. Ahhh those llamas! My finger has been hovering over the purchase button for that fabric for a while. That's it, I need it! Also love day 22 dress, gorgeous colours.

    P.S. Hello! I'm finally de-lurking. I've been quietly enjoying your blog for a while :)

    1. Hi Jo, welcome to the comments! I do try to reply to them but sometimes sewing gets in the way ;) You so should get the llamas, they are cuties!

  3. I love love love the can can print and the beach scene print - up there with my favourites.

  4. Love your blog!!! Please check mine out, just starting out :):) πŸŒΈπŸ’

  5. lovely floral prints dresses, and really cute spring outfit collage!

    Check out my latest post on the Blog :)
    AL xx


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