Friday, 30 May 2014

MeMadeMay14 - Part Three

Back from holidays with a little Me Made May update.  It's the final day tomorrow and I have saved a beaut of a dress to celebrate.  I am guessing some of you who follow me on instagram will be relieved not to see my face every. bloody. day. haha.  This update contains some of the dresses I made especially for my holidays and ones I had been saving for the occasion.  Might be a little while before I catch up and share them in their full glory in an outfit post.  Unfortunately we didn't get the lovely weather of the weekend before and were treated to rain and grey skies with the occasional bit of blue sky but hey ho that's part of the package when it comes to UK holidays.

I only managed to make one dress whilst on holiday, I had to pack up my machine in between sewing and decided it was too much effort so had a snooze on the sofa instead.  I did buy some amazing fabric though, well worth getting wet for.  I seemed to find every loose paving slab whilst hunting down the fabric shop and ended up getting soaked from both ends :(  I have also found the cutest fabric to make the Emery I am going to wear to the Christine Haynes meet and greet next month, can't wait to get it washed and made up, I want to try and keep it a surprise but am terrible and find it really hard not to share stuff I am excited about.  Worst secret keeper ever!

 Day 19   /   Day 20   /   Day 21

 Day 22   /   Day 23am   /   Day 23pm

Day 24   /   Day 25   /   Day 26am

Have a lovely weekend and I will be back with some outfit posts next week!


Thursday, 29 May 2014

Isle Of Wight Festival Competition

You can tell festival season is almost on us… it has rained all week in anticipation!  Blogs and magazines are full of festival wear and tickets are filling my instagram feed.  The last festival I went to was Bestival in 2012, it was so much fun and the trip to the Isle of Wight made it feel more like a mini break than a regular festival.  The Isle of Wight festival is only a couple of weeks away, it takes place from the 12th to the 15th June.  The band I would most like to see are Suede.  I loved them in the 90s and still listen to them now, not sure how I feel about Brett wearing those leather trousers now though! 

BT Sport are again sponsoring the Big Top with Boy George, Katy B and Travis making an appearance.   BT Sport are also making sure that sports fans do not miss out on the action, you can visit the Field of Dreams to watch live World Cup coverage, the MotoGP as well as films and live music.  Sounds like they have thought of everything.

You can win a pairof tickets thanks to, all you need to do is answer a question to be in the running.  A different question is being asked each day and the competition closes on 30th May so you have two chances left to win.  What are you waiting for?!

*post in collaboration with brand*


Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Wednesday Wants

I just can't seem to get past tropical fruity prints at the moment, maybe it's because I haven't found *the* perfect pineapple dress yet so am still searching.  I have been looking for fabric too, why is it so hard to fine?!

I absolutely adore the fabric of this Topshop dress, not enough to ignore that stupid cut out though.  What is with that?!  The pineapples mixed with the heart print is just perfection, maybe I should buy a couple and make my own dress out of them! Longer skirt, no cut out and sleeves please.

 Dress: Topshop

Fruity baby!  This River Island sundress is perfect for cocktails by the pool.  I think I spy a watermelon too, would defo have to pick my favourite of these New Look fruity clutches to go with it. I have already bought the watermelon one which seems to be out of stock at the moment :(

 Dress: River Island

How beautiful is this tropical floral print from asos?!  I would rock this with this super cute pineapple bag I spied on asos the other day.  Sandals and cocktails would make the perfect accompaniment.  Can you tell I am sitting sheltering from the drizzle, wishing that this grey day would take a brighter turn.  I am wearing my tropical emery today and it looks like it has bought tropical rains with it rather than sunshine, boohoo.

Dress: asos


Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Wednesday Wants

This week sees the arrival of three exclusive Emily and Fin prints at Aspire Style!  I think this dainty flower Abigail is my favourite, it was a toss up between this and the too cute strawberry print Lucy.  So perfect and summery.  Abigail is still a favourite of mine but I am going to be getting this Scarlett as soon as my Me Made May challenge has finished, I can't stop thinking about this tropical beauty.  She is right there at the top my my wishlist.  Don't forget you can still save 10% at Aspire Style using the code million10, code expires 6th June.

 Dress: Aspire Style

Two piece sets have been everywhere this season but most are really not to my taste, I just don't have the figure for the skin tight sets or itsy bitsy shorts (shudder!) This is one co-ord that is totally rocking my boat.  It ticks my two favourite boxes - on trend and classy.  Not an easy feat!  Just beautiful.

 Top: asos   /   Skirt: asos

There is something to be said about simplicity.  The cut of the dress combined with the textured white fabric produce a truly stunning dress.  I love how they have styled it with a slick of red lipstick, it works beautifully.  I don't often get my head turned by a white dress, this is my exception.

Dress: asos

I wish I had my very own genie to grant my wishes each week, how amazing would it be if each wishlist could be granted with money no object?!  I would definitely be adding a holiday or two if that was the case! 


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

MeMadeMay14 - Part Two

Today's post is short and sweet, the second installment of my Me Made May challenge.  I currently have an infection of the cornea and iritis so am unable to easily type this myself, a big thank you to Gray for stepping in and typing for me!  Still need to spread the Me Made love after all!  My vision is only temporarily impaired, until the infection is under control I cannot have the steroid drops to treat the iritis so have been given drops to dilate my pupil which eases the pain from the iritis but means anything close up is totally blurred.  You will be seeing a lot more of me in my glasses too, last time I had iritis I wasn't allowed to wear contact lenses for three months.  If you see outfit posts of me not wearing glasses chances are I couldn't even see the camera and was being totally vain!  Anyway onto the pretty dresses...

 Day 10   /   Day 11   /   Day 12

Day 13   /   Day 14   /   Day 15

Day 16   /   Day 17   /   Day 18

Day 16 was the clear winner on instagram this week, I can see why the print is incredibly striking.  I have pulled out the dresses that I plan on taking on holiday with me so I can quickly decide which ones I am going to wear this week, only being able to wear each dress once in a month is much harder than I thought!


Friday, 16 May 2014

Made By Me #24

I can't believe I am only sharing dress number 24, I finished number 41 last night!!  I need to snap a few of them at the weekend and share them asap so I can attempt to catch up.  That's the problem with finding a new hobby you can't get enough of, it doesn't leave you enough time for all the other things such as taking photos in your back garden.  I have said this before but I am so, so happy that my obsession with my new hobby has rubbed off on a few of you.  It is lovely to get emails, tweets and comments letting me know I have inspired you to dig out your sewing machine or to go buy one and learn how to make your perfect dress.  I already had my own style which I had to adapt to fit around shop bought clothing.  Now each and every one of my dresses is uniquely me.  Just wait til you see number 42... not quite sure what that says about me.  Haha.

I picked up this fabric at the Sewing for Pleasure show at the NEC earlier this year for a bargain £6 a metre.  I usually pay £12 a metre for Lizzy House fabric and had been after this design for weeks to no avail, I think my excitement at finding it at such a bargain price may have been apparent! I love that even though it is pink I can pull out the blue from the print and team it with my favourite blue shoes to make it a little less girly if that makes any sense.  I have gone from having hardly any pink in my handmade wardrobe to adding loads of it since I made this dress and realising I can still wear pink as a red head.  The fabric was purchased at the Fabrics Galore stand but isn't on their website, they had way more fabrics at the show than listed online so if you are near I recommend popping in and having a look.  I got the impression that they purchase end of production fabrics and sell them off cheaper on a regular basis so if you are hunting for that fabric you have only just discovered, really need and can't find drop them an email - they might have it!

Christine Haynes Emery Dress

Christine Haynes Emery Dress

Christine Haynes Emery Dress

Christine Haynes Emery Dress
Dress: Made by me using Outfox The Fox fabric by Lizzy House bought from Fabrics Galore
Shoes: Clarks

Another reason I haven't been very good at snapping outfit posts is photos like this.  The majority of photos we take have the wind doing it's thing and me with my eyes closed, I just wanna take a few snaps and be done with it!


Thursday, 15 May 2014

Bathroom Refresh

We've been in our new house for just over a year now, does that still count as new?!  We decorated pretty much the whole house as soon as we moved in and had it looking pretty much how we wanted within a week.  We didn't touch the bathroom at the time other than to replace the carpet (yep carpeted bathroom, grim!) with tiles as it was inoffensive as it was and we liked the colour.  I didn't actually really use this bathroom as I prefer using the en-suite so it kind of became Gray's bathroom but after this mini make-over that has totally changed.  We (read that as Gray) gave the bathroom a fresh coat of paint and I added a few new accessories to make it feel more loved and a generally nicer place to be.  I picked up most of the new additions from Next, they always seem to have exactly what I am looking for.

Lights   /   Toilet Seat   /   Tealight Holder   /   Toothbrush Holder   /   Message in a Bottle  /  Canvas

Pebble Grey asked if I would like to take part in their Spring Clean Your Cabinet challenge and of course the answer was yes!  This follows on from a survey carried out last year by that showed British women keep make up for up to 6 years after it's expiry date.  I am not that bad with make up but cannot remember exactly when I bought my current mascaras and there is definately stuff in my bathroom cabinet that has seen better days.  Those things you buy, try one, hate and never throw away.  Lots of those.  I was sent the beautiful Linden bathroom cabinet to store my new goodies in along with a Boots voucher to stock up on the essentials.  The cabinet still needs to be connected but when it is it will obviously light up as well as demist and includes a shaver socket.

I totally forgot to take a photo of the old cabinet before Gray got to work.  Just look at some of the stuff I had been hoarding?!  I don't even know how long I have had some of this stuff for or when I would have bought it.  It has all gone now and I am going to dig the old make up that is hiding in the bottom of a wardrobe somewhere out and get rid of all that too.

I don't really wear much make up these days other than the basics so I threw the mascaras and eyeliner away and purchased new ones along with a few other products I would like to try.  I definately do not want any nasty bacteria getting in my eyes and am going to make a note to change them at least every six months.  I have also moved my perfume out of the bedroom as it will keep much better in the cabinet and out of sunlight.

I love the end result, so much so I might even move my toothbrush in ;)


Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Wednesday Wants

I am having a love affair with asos at the moment, they can do no wrong!  I hope you managed to sneak in an order using the 30% off code, I bought some amazing silver sandals which I am over the moon with.  Will be perfect for wandering around on holiday.  I have gone for a day dress, a beautiful evening dress, a skirt (!) and pair of shoes this week.  I could have kept adding to the list, so many things I need.

I love gingham and have been trying to find some fabric just like this to make my own dress but it's obviously not meant to be.  I have a similar red gingham dress from Emily and Fin that I adore, I really think I need to add this blue cutie to my wardrobe too.  I love looking like a tablecloth ;)  

Dress: asos

I am swooning over this posh frock!  It's not really colours I would usually go for but it is so striking I can't stop willing it in to my wardrobe.  I'm so glad it's no longer a choice of either bum skimming or ankle grazing skirt lengths. 

Dress: asos

I have gone for a skirt you guys! Thought I should mix it up a bit, haha.  I love everything about this whole outfit, I mean just look at it.  The colours work so well together and make me less afraid of head to toe pastels.  The skirt looks like it is a really nice weight with a good drape to it, you would want to sashay down the catwalk yourself in this skirt!  If lilac is not your colour it comes in loads of other colour choices too.

Skirt: asos

The shoes of my dreams!  These are the same as the silver ones I bought earlier in the week which are oh so comfy.  I want them in a more neutral colour than the lilac/coral/silver options available and would have absolutely nothing to wear the lilac ones with but cannot help but be drawn to them.  They have 25% off right now so be quick!

Shoes: asos


Tuesday, 13 May 2014

How Do Ya Like Them Apples?

It's been pretty chilly these last few days hasn't it.  I went to meet some friends for lunch in Birmingham on Saturday and I needed to wear my COAT.  It is May, come on weather!!  It does mean that I still get to wear things like this though it was April when I wore this gorgeous skirt.  Might even have been a bit warmer then.  I would have worn this with a cropped red jumper but I don't have one so I pulled out my fluffy cardigan instead to see how it would look and I love the end result.  It is the perfect shade of red to match the juicy apples and I think it gives off more of a 50's vibe.  Just need to get a neck-scarf to tie round my neck to complete the look, don't you think.

I was going to snap these photos whilst I was eating an actual apple but Gray said I looked like a wally.  Props are really hard to work with when you already look unnatural in front of the camera.  Wish I was one of those girls who could work it!  Anyone wanna give me posing lessons?!  The skirt is from Choies and I am really happy with it, the quality is fab.  The skirt is nice and heavy so it hangs really well and I don't have to tell you how much I adore the print.   There are loads of apple print items and even a zebra print skirt so cool it will make your eyes water!  Make sure you check out the bags too, some absolutely fab designs that I have my eye on.

Cardigan: River Island
Skirt: Choies*
Shoes: Clarks


21st Century Shopping in London

As one of the fashion capitals of the world, London is no stranger to innovation - but the latest trend might just surprise a few people. This season, it's all about technology: not just in terms of online shopping, but also in making every single aspect of retail therapy as rewarding and personalised as possible. 

By now, most savvy shoppers will be used to googling the best locations on their phones and snapping selfies to get second opinions on their outfits, but smart technology can go even further than that, helping you find bargains before anyone else. Foursquare is a great example of this: using GPS technology, users can check-in at their location and receive special offers just for shopping in the stores they love anyway. 

When in London, it's almost a rite of passage to spend some time wandering around those iconic department stores, browsing through gorgeous luxury fashion, bespoke furniture and delicious delicatessens. The best place to start is out west in Knightsbridge, where you'll find the flagship Harvey Nichols store. Here, Amex users who've synced their card with the Foursquare app receive £10 back when they spend £50 - and with brands like Alice Temperley, Alexander McQueen and Jonathan Saunders in store, you're unlikely to struggle finding something to spend that money on!

Moving across town to the always-busy Oxford Street, you'll find another London establishment: Selfridges. The 21st century has definitely moved in here, with a futuristic Tech floor filled with sleek home cinemas, 3D printers and electric bicycles. If you decide you just have to have that gorgeous Mulberry iPad case, there's more good news for Foursquare users - that same deal operates here, so you'll receive £10 back on a £50 spend when you check in and pay with a synced card. 

After a hard day and investing in gorgeous pieces you'll treasure for years, there's no reason why technology can't help you relax, too. Websites like Spafinder can help you locate the exact treatment you want, sorting through every option from acupuncture to body wraps. All the search results are ranked by relevance and rating as well as how near to you they are, so you can make sure you won't miss out on a better deal just around the corner. 

Finally, make sure that you maximise every penny you spend by finding a credit card provider with deals that suit you. Alongside the Foursquare sync options, American Express range of credit cards open up everything from VIP members lounges to early booking for incredible London events, so whenever you hit the shops, you'll also be saving up points for later on. 

This guest post has been provided by the brand but I for one am going to be checking out the tips, I already google the best burger bars to have a bit stop and ask for help on Twitter when I am unsure so I may as well bag a bargain!


Friday, 9 May 2014

MeMadeMay14 - Part One

If you follow me over on instagram and twitter you will have seen me snapping daily photos of me wearing the dresses I have made for Me Made May.   Whilst I am really enjoying taking part I have to say that it hit my sewing motivation hard which I totally didn't expect!  I have pledged to wear a different me made dress each day during May meaning if I wear that dress I have just finished ready to take on my holidays straight away then I won't be able to wear it on holiday.  I had a couple of days where I just couldn't be bothered before deciding I can put off the holiday makes for a week or so and get on with making some dresses I can wear now!  Good thinking batman.

I have since made three dresses - one for holidays, one I have worn this week and one that I am going to wear tomorrow, yay!  I am currently working on one in the most amazing fabric ever.  I have a special occasion coming up this month and it is the absolute perfect frock for me to wear.  Excited!! I will probably end up wearing more than 31 dresses during May as I have a couple of events I will want a change of dress for.  Eeep!  On to the dresses.  If I have already blogged an outfit post featuring them I have included a link underneath so you can have a better look at the dress.  If I haven't I hopefully will do soon!  I am quite far behind, I have blogged 22 dresses but am currently making number 40.  I am preferring spending my time sewing rather than having my photo taken at the moment.

 Day One   /   Day Two   /   Day Three

 Day Four   /   Day Five   /   Day Six

Day Seven   /   Day Eight   /   Day Nine

The yellow dress from day three got the most love by far, I haven't yet blogged it but was blown away by how many of you loved it as much as I do.  To be honest I love pretty much every dress I have made but you always have to have a few favourites don't you.  The dresses are all made using the same pattern, the Emery by Christine Haynes.  Another thing Me Made May has taught me is that I am quite happy making the same pattern over and over.  To be fair I have around 20 Emily and Fin Lucy dresses in my wardrobe so I was obviously happy to buy the same dress in multiple fabrics so why should making my own be any different?!  If I could have put my dream dress to paper it would pretty much have looked exactly like the Emery anyway.  I will get round to learning how to switch the gathered skirt for a pleated skirt at some point and I also want to make the Mortmain.


Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Wednesday Wants

Lots of lovely frocks arriving online this week, summer is so close now you can almost smell the suntan lotion!  The beautiful neckline on this Louche number caught my eye whilst browsing the new arrivals at Aspire Style.  It would be perfect for a summer wedding with a few flowers in your hair, so pretty.  Following on from my Emily & Fin giveaway Aspire have kindly offered readers of A Million Dresses another 10% discount code, the code is million10 and runs from today til 6th June.  Plenty of time to add lots of prettys to your wardrobe.

River Island have been the talk of twitter in recent days for all the wrong reasons.  Seriously guys?!  Quit with the not funny 'novelty' items and get on with selling beautiful dresses like this.  This pineapple beauty took my breath away, just look at it!  Not only is it the most perfect pineapple print yet it is also very reasonably priced.  I can even over look that awful cutout section on the back as lets face it I would be teaming it with a cardi anyway.  The pineapple lover in me is in love!

Dress: River Island

I can also forgive River Island for the awful rhinestone logos they used to put on EVERYTHING and the terrible Rhianna collection when they make cuteness like this.  The print reminds me of ones I have seen in Laura Ashley and Great Plains.  Again they have used an awful cutout back but lets just admire it's beauty from the front.  They are both just £25 you guys!!

Dress: River Island

What are you lusting after this week?


Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Made By Me #23

I said in my last Made by Me post that I usually go for ditsy prints, scrap that thought when you feast your eyes on this print!  I was hunting for cobalt blue fabrics so I could wear my favourite Clarks shoes more and came across this.  I thought the print would be too big so left it for a while but couldn't get those dandelion shaped flowers out of my mind so in my basket it went and boy am I glad I went for it.  I love the mix of blues and the black background tames it a bit in my opinion so I don't feel that I am wearing such a loud print.  Although I do love a bold print they can get a few too many 'what is she wearing' glances round Sainsburys at times.  I felt a bit like that when I wore my ostrich print dress, I absolutely love it but the pink background made me feel a bit self consious wearing it especially as people haven't learned that it is rude to stare.

I am loving taking part in Me Made May, there are so many amazing items on the hashtag - I have spotted some gems that have given me total fabric envy.  It's been a bit hard as I am trying to save some dresses for my holiday at the end of the month, I usually like to wear a new make as soon as it is finished so am making do with gazing at them hanging on the front of my wardrobe.  Their time will come!    

Christine Haynes Emery Dress

Christine Haynes Emery Dress

Christine Haynes Emery Dress
Shoes: Clarks


Friday, 2 May 2014

Hello, Sarah

I have a couple of outfits snapped ready to share with you before I throw myself fully into Me Made May.  If you are curious to find out more about Me Made May have a little read of this and be sure to check out the hashtag #MMMay14 on instagram or the board on Pinterest to see all the amazing self made items.  Lots of inspiration already!

I might have done a little happy dance (read that as I did!) when an email from the people at Hobbs arrived asking if I would like to review an item.  I had a little peek and saw that they had even named one of their gorgeous dresses after me (don't burst my bubble!) so it was obviously meant to be.  My Mum actually purchased both of her outfits for mine and my Sister's weddings from Hobbs so I am well acquainted with the beautiful quality of their dresses and my namesake did not disappoint.  She is a beautiful baby blue with navy polka dots button up number.  I decided to do all of the buttons up, add my favourite navy cardigan and team it with red heels from Clarks.  Red isn't usually my first choice to wear with baby blue but I think it works and am really happy with the end result.

I finished my outfit with a beautiful rose gold watch from Fossil and the cutest ever wax cord bracelet - just look at that little bicycle!  Though I really don't like the term I am guessing this passes for what I have seen described as an arm party?!  Certainly more than I usually wear anyhow.  I have been lusting after a rose gold faced watch for a while but couldn't find one to my taste - all over metal is just too much for me, I much prefer a leather strap.  Joshua James Jewellery have loads of gorgeous items, I have popped this Fossil watch and this bracelet straight on my wishlist, they would be amazing together!

Dress: Hobbs*
Cardigan: Miss Selfridge
Shoes: Clarks

Very excited for another extended weekend, bank holidays ROCK!  I hope you have the whole weekend off and I hope you have some fun plans.  I plan on eating lots and doing a bit of sewing, no change there then!


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