Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Wednesday Wants

The sun is shining and I am feeling chilled today.  Was a bit stressy on twitter yesterday, I have seen so many begging tweets and it is starting to get to me.  Since when did blogging entitle you to ask for free stuff?  There is a fine line between loving a brand and wanting an opportunity to collaborate with them and just expecting anything for free.  I have seen people tweeting asking for hotel accommodation, restaurants to review, even asking for a bed, basically anything they can get without spending a penny.  Check out the prrequest hashtag if you bring yourself to, it's not pretty.

Anyways back to the chilled feeling and a little destress by looking at some pretty dresses.  There really is nothing better than a quick browse of the latest pretties.  I am totally drawn to this asos number even though I would need to wear something underneath it cos it is so BOOBY!  I prefer to keep mine under wraps but just look at that colour.  And the print. Swoon!!

 Dress: asos

The colours on this Oasis dress are lovely, orange and pink look so nice together.  I have pretty much avoided pink since I went ginger but have started flirting with it again and this would be the perfect way to bring more into my wardrobe without being all look how pink I am!  
 Dress: Oasis

You won't believe where this next dress is from!  I popped into BHS at the weekend to have a look round their homeware and ended up stroking this beautiful dress.  It's really nice quality and a gorgeous cut.  It also comes in a knock out fuchsia pink.

Dress: BHS



  1. Oh, they're all lovely!! The BHS one is a total winner!
    I'm in agreement about all the really annoying twitter shit.

  2. Ah the print on that first dress is lush!

  3. I'm not much for booby dresses either (even though I don't have much to speak of!)! That blue BHS dress is sensational. I'm off to check out the pink!

  4. utterly adore that Oasis number! x

  5. Omg that last blue dress makes my heart swoon.

  6. Oooh, the dresses are prettty!!!!
    Really, people beg on Twitter?! Wow! That's a bit cringy!x

  7. Wow all three are amazing, particularly the one from BHS, you enabler, you! X xo

  8. BHS! Wow, I'd never have thought of looking in there for pretty dresses.

  9. Love all three of those dresses! And wow, that BHS one is a surprise :) x

  10. oooh that bhs one would be nice, looking for a dress to wear to a wedding but can't find any I like.


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