Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Summer Days

The ice cream dress has got me wishing for days where I can run out of the door without grabbing my coat!  I might need my sunglasses on right now but it is defo still tights and coat weather for me.  It won't be long though and I already feel so much more energetic now the evenings are lighter, no more climbing into bed at 6pm for me.  We are spending this bank holiday doing some DIY, we are painting our bathrooms and will venture out in to the garden to give it some much needed TLC.  Next bank holiday I would love to get away and have been checking out the deals at Hotel Direct looking for a little seaside break.  Nothing fancy, we just want to sit on the beach in a deckchair eating an ice cream or two before wandering down the promanade with some fish and chips.  Obviously would need to add a cream tea or two to that list. Yum!

I've picked out my favourite sunny weather clothing to get you in the mood too!  I keep banging on about gingham, I just cannot seem to get my fill!  The watermelon dress from my last wishlist is high on my need list as is this beautiful skirt from Tara Starlet.  Gingham always makes me think of summer and this year I plan to blend into the deckchair by wearing lots of it.  I finished my multi check gingham dress last night too, eeepp!

Skirt: Tara Starlet

Everything about this Boden dress says summer to me, especially this photo.  I'm not one for going in the sea but this dress makes me want to dip my toes!

 Dress: Boden

You can get your very own mermaid shoes from Modcloth, well obviously mermaids don't need shoes but these pretty shell fit flops provide the perfect distraction from actually having feet ;)

Shoes: Modcloth

OMG! How cute is this ice cream bag?!  I do love a good novelty bag and this one is just perfect.  Would be hard not to get tempted into giving it a lick...
Bag: Modcloth

The British weather doesn't often call for little bikinis so I would hedge my bets and go for a little gingham swimsuit instead.  I love the vintage vibe of this Topshop number and would mix and match my ginghams by using the Tara Starlet skirt as a cover up. 

Swimsuit: Topshop

Summer inspired wardrobe - done!



  1. I'm wearing my ice lolly dress today and I have to admit, the sun is shining down on it. It's probably ice lolly weather.

    1. Unfortunately it was still nippy here :( Could get away with it sitting in the car with the sun shining in though!

  2. I love the shell sandals above and I love gingham too! Great mixing 2 prints!

  3. Oooh, I love this list! All the summer pretties make me happy, especially so as it is SNOWING outside here. Bah!

  4. Adore all of these, especially the skirt and the Boden dress!

    1. You would look amazing in the skirt Sarah!

  5. I've been getting loads of complements on a skirt I bought from H&M a few years ago which is a white midi with a garden scene illustrated around the hem - it fades out halfway up. I think this is perfect for doing this trend without spending a penny!


  6. You are more than good enough to be able to make that midi skirt if you could find the right fabric! It would be way easier than a dress (though lots of hemming!) X

    1. It's really hard to find good quality chunky gingham, I've been looking for weeks and weeks :(


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