Thursday, 10 April 2014

Spring Refresh

Look Again invited me to take part in their Refresh Rather Than Relocate competition for the chance to win my wishlist worth up to £750.  We moved last May and totally redecorated the house leaving only the garden in need of some TLC.  The Christmas storms won the battle against our fence and the whole garden is in need of a cheer up.  We want to add some flower beds and add lots of colour to the garden.  We made do with pots last year, with a bit of hard work the garden is going to be in full bloom come summer.

My wishlist comes in at exactly £750, couldn't waste any of it now.  My first choices are some beautiful flowers for the garden which are really good value.  I do still want some pots as we don't have that much room for flower beds so I have gone for these cute beehive shaped pots and a three tiered planter to add a bit of height.

 Trailing Pansies - £12  /  Three Tier Planter - £60 /  Bumper Bulb Collection - £15 /  Paeony Bushes - £16  /  Beehive Planters - £18

This might not be the most exciting part of the wishlist but we really need to replace the fence.  We currently do not have a back fence and the side fence is also damaged so the majority of the budget has gone on fence panels.  I want to paint the fence the same white as the shed, well when I say I want to I mean I want Gray to ;) I have added a pack of this handy lawn edging to go around our new flower bed.  I have been practical and added a new lawnmower to keep Gray happy and make it a bit easier to maintain our lawn.

Garden Fence Panels - £220 x 2 /  Lawn Edging - £12  /  Lawn Mower - £149

Last but not least I have added a couple of these gorgeous solar powered lights.  I love them and they will look so good with our garden furniture.

Solar Powered Jar - £20 x 2

This is what we are working with.  You can see what is left of our fence and the old gate.

My beautiful shed, the backdrop for my outfit photos.  The whole garden works around my shed, it is definitely the inspiration for the rest of the garden.

The only flowering plant the previous owners planted has also taken a battering, the storms pulled it away from the wall and it seemed hopeless trying to save it but it is budding so we will have to go and see what we can do to fix it.  Oh Mother Nature you're amazing. 

Keep your fingers crossed for me, I would love to be able to sort the garden out now and bring a bit of colour and summer into the garden.



  1. I've my fingers, eyes, and toes crossed for you!

  2. Ooh, I hope you win! I think it would annoy me too much not to have a back fence.

    1. Me too! I am really looking forward to sorting the garden out this year. Actually I am lying, I am really looking forward to Gray sorting out the garden this year and for me to get to look at it ;)

  3. I love a beautiful garden. My next door neighbours garden always looks so perfect, probably because she puts in so much effort.
    Good luck!
    Rubi x
    The Den

    1. Yeah it really is one of those things that you have to work hard at but totally worth it for the result.


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