Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Wednesday Wants

I was going to make this weeks wishlist pink themed in honour of Mean Girls turning 10 today but had already shared the most amazing pink dress this week so settled with wearing pink today instead.  I have started sewing my holiday wardrobe so am in full blown 'ooooh that would be nice for my holidays' mode so this weeks wishlist is instead influenced by impending holidays and dreams of winning the lottery and relocating to a tropical island.  If only.

This is the tall version of this Dorothy Perkins dress, I prefer my hemlines longer in the summer.  No one needs to see my knees.  I love the palm print and think it looks like the perfect dress for lounging around drinking a few cocktails.

I couldn't get a better image of this dress so pop over to the Closet website to take a closer look at that print!! Flamingos!!!  I am all over flamingos at the moment, crazy little pink birds.  I love the base colour of this dress, so very summery.

 Dress: Closet

I like to go a bit more sophisicated in the evening, need something to balance out my red nose usually!  I love to get dressed up in beautiful evening dresses, nothing better than having the time to spend getting ready without a care in the world.  Holidays are all about relaxing!  This dress is just darling.  The colour will look awesome against a tan and the cut little sleeves will mean you don't need a cardigan when you're sitting outside enjoying more cocktails.  Sensing a theme?!

Dress: Hobbs

My last pick for today is this gorgeous dress from asos, it's the same shape as my pink beauty so if you're not into pink this may be the one for you.  It has gorgeous beading on some of the flowers too, really is a jaw dropping dress.

Dress: asos

You can't sit with us.


Monday, 28 April 2014

All Aboard The MSC Splendida!

I do love a good challenge and the chance to get dressed up to the nines even if it is only for a few photos in the back garden!  MSC Cruises have invited a number of bloggers to take part their styling challenge, we have been given £150 to put together the ultimate cruise outfit and for the chance to win an amazing prize.  Let me set the scene... I have been invited aboard the MSC Splendida.  Once on board we will be greeted by cocktail reception followed by a four-course dinner with the captain and ending with lots of dancing on the moonlit dancefloor.  Sounds awesome, yes?!  We have been challenged to bring the glamour of cruise fashion to the modern world by creating an outfit that works for cocktails, dinner and dancing.  If only this wasn't a mock event!  I did get in the mood with a mocktail or two ;)

I deliberated over my choice of hem length.  Maxi screams formal and glamour but it isn't a length I can carry off and can end up looking frumpy.  Go too short and you run the risk of looking like you're off down the local disco instead so I plumped for my current hem length of choice, the midi.  The midi is having it's moment this season and I have finally got my head round it and made it work for me.  I opted for this gorgeous pink brocade dress from asos.  The fabric is so, so nice - a hot pink print with a softer pink background that shimmers in the light.  It looks far more expensive than it's £85 price tag.  I went with silver for the shoes, I love how they work with the dress and make sure the outfit stays on trend - silver shoes are everywhere right now.  The pointed toes and cross over strap detailing adds glamour whilst the midi heel ensure I can dance the night away.  I finished the outfit with a silver cardigan, a pastel pink statement necklace and a slick of hot pink lipstick.

I chose pink heart tipped nails this time round and may have to keep them for a while, I love the colour and they are giving me a summery vibe.  A good manicure adds the finishing gloss to an outfit and I like to play on my cutesy side even for a formal occasion so would opt for the hearts over a block colour every time.

 Dress: asos - £85
Shoes: asos  - £25
Cardigan: BHS - £20
Necklace: eBay - £5

I have loved getting dressed up for this challenge, I need to remember to wear lipstick more often.  Can't wait to wear this dress on a night out, now who wants to take me on a cruise?!



Sunday, 27 April 2014

Made By Me #21

Is it summer yet?!  It half felt like summer had arrived yesterday in the sunshine between the showers and when the wind dropped, haha.  I am a massive fan of a cute ditsy print and this mini flamingo print was far too adorable to pass up.  I spied it online but the quantity was too small and had given up hope until Modes4U got it back in stock.  Yay!  I have placed four orders with Modes4U so far, the last one got caught by customs though, boooo!  The charges wouldn't be too bad as they are pretty small until you add the £8 fee Royal Mail charge for collecting the money! How is that justifiable?!

This print puts a big smile on my face, you just can't wear it and be glum.  I love how bright the turquoise is and the pink pops mean it works amazingly with my britstitch bag too which I haven't put down since I was given it.   Absolute love!  I have been wearing far more pink recently even if it is just little bits of colour.  I have also bought a cute glass to use whilst wearing this dress, seems I have a flamingo obsession brewing!

Shoes: M&S

Happy Sunday!


Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Wednesday Wants

The sun is shining and I am feeling chilled today.  Was a bit stressy on twitter yesterday, I have seen so many begging tweets and it is starting to get to me.  Since when did blogging entitle you to ask for free stuff?  There is a fine line between loving a brand and wanting an opportunity to collaborate with them and just expecting anything for free.  I have seen people tweeting asking for hotel accommodation, restaurants to review, even asking for a bed, basically anything they can get without spending a penny.  Check out the prrequest hashtag if you bring yourself to, it's not pretty.

Anyways back to the chilled feeling and a little destress by looking at some pretty dresses.  There really is nothing better than a quick browse of the latest pretties.  I am totally drawn to this asos number even though I would need to wear something underneath it cos it is so BOOBY!  I prefer to keep mine under wraps but just look at that colour.  And the print. Swoon!!

 Dress: asos

The colours on this Oasis dress are lovely, orange and pink look so nice together.  I have pretty much avoided pink since I went ginger but have started flirting with it again and this would be the perfect way to bring more into my wardrobe without being all look how pink I am!  
 Dress: Oasis

You won't believe where this next dress is from!  I popped into BHS at the weekend to have a look round their homeware and ended up stroking this beautiful dress.  It's really nice quality and a gorgeous cut.  It also comes in a knock out fuchsia pink.

Dress: BHS


Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Made By Me #20

After moaning that I had only managed to sew one evening last week I ended on a high and made another two dresses bringing my tally to 31, eeep!  I now have enough dresses for the MeMadeMay challenge I have set myself though by the time May is through I will have more than required so some won't even get a look in!  I have decided that for MeMadeMay I am going to wear a different me made dress each day and document my efforts on instagram and here in a weekly round up post.

One dress that will definitely make the cut is this one.  I have made two dresses using Art Gallery fabric and I love it, it hangs beautifully and is such nice quality.  I would have ordered more by now if only I could decide which design I need first, not easy when you've run out of fingers to count the ones you want!  I keep putting off making the decision but think I will have to just go for it and take the plunge.

Shoes: M&S

I've been asked a few times if I am going to be making sleeveless dresses for the summer, in a word - unlikely.  I really dislike my arms and bearing them in the sun actually makes me feel hotter than keeping covered up.  I usually do this by adding a cardi over a strappy dress but am planning on sticking to elbow length sleeves this year to see how I get on.  I will be lining the bodice with a thinner cotton but as the fabrics I use are all 100% cotton I am hoping this will mean they are cooler anyway.  I am hoping they are cooler than adding a cardi to a strapless dress, we shall see!


Sunday, 20 April 2014

Made By Me #19

This is one of those fabrics that just doesn't come across well when photographed.  It is the loveliest print, covered in different coloured rain drops in varying shades of grey and red.  It isn't perfect though, it has a bit of a texture that makes it stick to my tights and annoy me.  I resolved this with a slip but I guess it won't be an issue when it's too hot for black tights.  It looks as if the sleeves on this one are a bit tight in the photos, they really are not and I couldn't be bothered to take the photos again so hey ho.  I often wonder if any of my neighbours have noticed us taking photos in the garden and what they think we are up to.  I used to feel that our neighbours in the flat must have commented on the number of parcels I bought home from work every day! haha.  I'm not paranoid, honest!!

Dress: Made by me using Washday Rain by Makower
Shoes: M&S

I've not had much time for sewing in the last week, I have only sewn one evening and made one dress and am getting serious withdrawals.  Why aren't there more hours in the day?!


Friday, 18 April 2014

Made By Me #18

Crazy cat day today!  I love, love. love this dress.  It is definitely one of my favourite me made dresses and well worth the hassle (and expense) getting my hands on this colourway of the fabric.  The versions available in the UK are all too pale in colour for my skin tone and I really, really wanted it so I took the plunge and ordered it from the US via Etsy.  It took over three weeks to arrive and I got stung by customs but none of that has made me love this dress any less.  The cranberry background is a beautiful kind of burgundy tone and perfectly sets of the bright pink cats. The cats remind me of Lyzi and her cat tattoos.  This dress gets a lot of stares when I wear it.  A lot of them are from little girls probably thinking I am wearing the most amazingly awesome dress ever.  That's what I tell myself anyway ;)

Dress: Made by me using Purrfectly Happy by Lizzy House
Pattern: Emery by Christine Haynes
Shoes: M&S

Have a fantastic Easter bank holiday weekend.  I will be wearing something other than a me made dress today as we are painting our bathrooms and there is no way I am going to get paint on any of my babies!!


Thursday, 17 April 2014


On Tuesday I was lucky enough to be invited to the opening of Brit-Stitch's second pop up shop with PopUp Britain.  This time they are popping up in the Bullring in Birmingham for one week.  PopUp Britain gives new British retail brands access to prime retail locations with the aim of learning retail techniques to take their businesses to the next level.  All brands are British and all produce British made. Such a great initiative, the chance to get to see some of the best new British talent and of course to get to fondle the beautiful Brit-Stitch bags in person.  The colours are even more beautiful in real life.

Brit-Stitch have just launched their first backpack which is incredibly cute and would have come home with me if I could have pulled it off!  We were lucky enough to be gifted with a bag of our choice, for me it really had to be the rose chinz with love from Brit-Stitch bag, it is so adorable it cannot fail to make me smile and brightens up any work day.  You can see a large range of products in a rainbow of colours at the popup store, a cute co-ordinating coin purse and a milk token travel wallet are next on my wishlist.  You can also use the Make Your Own bespoke service in store and create a bag that is truly you.

Brit-Stitch will be in the Birmingham Bullring until April 21st and are open 10am to 8pm (closed Easter Sunday).  The store is located on level two between Next and Oasis.  Readers of a million dresses will get a special Easter treat if they mention a million dresses when they make their purchase, exciting!


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Wednesday Wants

With Easter almost here I couldn't resist a theme to this week's wishlist, it all started when I spotted this bunny dress on asos.  Oh my!  Bunnies always make me think of Tilly so this wishlist is for you my dear.  It's also for you Claire, you know why.

I'm not really a cat or a dog person though my current collection of cat patterned dresses might fool you otherwise.  What I really am is a rabbit girl!  I used to have a gorgeous pearl grey netherland dwarf rabbit imaginatively called Bunny.  Bunny was named after my Dads childhood pet who my Dad managed to train to follow him around the garden but unfortunately met an untimely death after a run in with a dog :(  Our Bunny lived a long life and even ended up a mother after a stray rabbit found it's way in to her hutch.  Anyway enough of that, on to the bunny goodness!  This asos dress is all kinds of wonderful and is definitely not just for easter. 

 Dress: asos

I have had my eye on this rabbit dress for a while hoping it would find it's way into the sale and it has!  It down to just under £50.  It has really good reviews regarding the fit and is 100% cotton jersey.  It also comes in burgundy but the blue is my favourite.

Dress: People Tree

I couldn't pick between these bunny tights, they are both amazing.  Just look at the little tails on the black pair!!

White Tights: asos   |   Black Tights: asos

I am totally smitten by this Marc Jacobs pouch, just look at that cute face!  It is intended for your techy items but I think it would make an amazing clutch bag.  I also need this bunny phone case, a match made in heaven!

Pouch: Marc Jacobs

I have yet to purchase from Love From Hetty and Dave because there are too many things I want and I just can't make up my mind which to go for.  You'll find lots of quirky handmade brooches and customised items like this bunny bag and some amazing shoes.  *adds more to the wishlist*


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Summer Days

The ice cream dress has got me wishing for days where I can run out of the door without grabbing my coat!  I might need my sunglasses on right now but it is defo still tights and coat weather for me.  It won't be long though and I already feel so much more energetic now the evenings are lighter, no more climbing into bed at 6pm for me.  We are spending this bank holiday doing some DIY, we are painting our bathrooms and will venture out in to the garden to give it some much needed TLC.  Next bank holiday I would love to get away and have been checking out the deals at Hotel Direct looking for a little seaside break.  Nothing fancy, we just want to sit on the beach in a deckchair eating an ice cream or two before wandering down the promanade with some fish and chips.  Obviously would need to add a cream tea or two to that list. Yum!

I've picked out my favourite sunny weather clothing to get you in the mood too!  I keep banging on about gingham, I just cannot seem to get my fill!  The watermelon dress from my last wishlist is high on my need list as is this beautiful skirt from Tara Starlet.  Gingham always makes me think of summer and this year I plan to blend into the deckchair by wearing lots of it.  I finished my multi check gingham dress last night too, eeepp!

Skirt: Tara Starlet

Everything about this Boden dress says summer to me, especially this photo.  I'm not one for going in the sea but this dress makes me want to dip my toes!

 Dress: Boden

You can get your very own mermaid shoes from Modcloth, well obviously mermaids don't need shoes but these pretty shell fit flops provide the perfect distraction from actually having feet ;)

Shoes: Modcloth

OMG! How cute is this ice cream bag?!  I do love a good novelty bag and this one is just perfect.  Would be hard not to get tempted into giving it a lick...
Bag: Modcloth

The British weather doesn't often call for little bikinis so I would hedge my bets and go for a little gingham swimsuit instead.  I love the vintage vibe of this Topshop number and would mix and match my ginghams by using the Tara Starlet skirt as a cover up. 

Swimsuit: Topshop

Summer inspired wardrobe - done!


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