Monday, 3 March 2014

A Little Bit of Love

What's this?! Sarah in a short dress shocker!!  Okay so it's not actually that short, no chances of bum flashing, it's just that I have gotten so used to wearing knee length dresses it was a bit of a shock when I tried it on.  I absolutely adore the print, I love the random red hearts and the sketchy green shading on some of the white ones, the colours are fantastic and the dress really eye catching.  It is not very smock-like on me which is perfect in my books.  I think the dress is really flattering and a total bargain at only £30.  I'm a little sad that my shoes have faded into my tights, they are AMAZING.  I am lusting after pointy toes which hasn't happened in years, these ones have a cute little block heel and an ankle strap.  I waited for them to go into the sale where they promptly sold out of my size and stalked them for a couple of weeks before some fool returned them and they were mine.  I'm still stalking them cos I think I need a back up pair, haha.

I have been trying to find a pair of sheer white pinspot tights, anyone seen any or any cute white tights?  I will have to give up and go nude if I can't find any, the closest I can get are these nude ones with white pinspots.  I struggled with white tights when I got married, looks like they are no easier to come by now, boooooo!

Dress: Love*
Cardigan: Primark
Shoes: asos

I had my nails done again on Saturday, they look so cute when they are first done and I can't believe they last three weeks.  Well worth the pennies!  I can't imagine not having them now and am thinking of ice creams for summer.  I need something with a design on the tip only so I can cope with the regrowth, I would be wanting to pick them off after a week of I had an obvious block colour.



  1. The print on this dress is really cute!

  2. You look great here, your figure is stunning!

    Maria xxx

  3. This is a gorgeous dress and your nails look fab too. x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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