Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Wednesday Wants

Last year I really, really wanted a yellow dress.  I hunted high and low to no avail and in the end made do with this yellow striped beauty.  I'm not sure if it has been sparked by the brief appearance of blue skies, I am craving yellow again!  I have already bought this amazing yellow dress from Boden which I can't wait to wear and have bought some yellow large check gingham fabric to make the dress in my head (influenced by this photo!)

The huge flowers on this asos dress make it feel even more summery.  I love the square neckline and think this would be amazing for a wedding or any fancy summery occasion.

 Dress: asos

I really don't get the ugly cut outs on this River Island dress but it is a fab colour and design and it is knee length.  I would get a bit of lace or something similar and sew up those stupid holes.  Enough with the cut outs already!

 Dress: River Island

I love how simple this Ted Baker dress is, beautifully cut it lets the colour do the talking.  And boy is yellow calling my name right now!

Dress: Ted Baker

Are you going mad for yellow like me?



  1. I have the same craving for this summer! Yellow dress! Love the River Island pattern but you are right, what's with the holes?

  2. I'm loving bright colours at the moment and the last one is beautiful x

  3. I'm in love with that first dress! And I completely agree - no more cut outs please. I especially hate the ones on the side of your waist which are just in the right place to show off your roll of fat (just me?). Love the pattern on the River Island dress though :) x

  4. URgh the cut outs ruin that RI dress - it would be perfect without them! Love the ASOS one, just wish it were a bit longer. I also have my eye on the boden flower show!


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