Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Wednesday Wants

Happy New Year!  Hope you had a lovely NYE celebrating 2013 and welcoming 2014. We spent the evening in our PJs eating, drinking and playing board games.  I am so past going out on the town or even actual house parties.  PJs and cheese is where it's at.  Have you made any resolutions yet?  I normally resolve to lose weight and exercise more and always have the best intentions.  I take my hat of to those who make life changing resolutions and manage to stick to them such as giving up smoking.  It is so much easier to give up smoking now than it used to be with the introduction of E-Cigarettes from Must Have Ltd, such a fabulous invention.  Now if only they could invent a similar gadget that means I can eat cake without putting on weight...

I'm not making any resolutions this year, I seem to fail miserably at them anyway.  What I have decided to do is just work at what I already enjoy.  I can't really put much more time into blogging but am going to make sure I work as hard at it this year as I did the last.  I really enjoy sharing my outfits and hopefully my love of dresses shines through.  I thought about maybe stopping the wishlist posts as they don't really get many comments anymore but I enjoy doing them so shall see.  Two things that I am interested in but have never found the time to explore is dress making and actually learning how to use my camera.  I am hoping 2014 will see me finding the time to explore at least one of these further.  I am also going to continue hunting for independent dress makers too and with that in mind this weeks wishlist is made up of sale bargains from some of the gems I found in 2013.

First up is this cute little number from Mod Dolly at the bargain price of £28.  I bought a Mod Dolly dress before Christmas and absolutely adore it, can't wait to share it with you all.  I am looking forward to seeing the spring summer version of the dress I bought, the new fabrics sound ace.

 Dress: Mod Dolly

I adore this Emily and Fin dress, the colours are so good together.  I wore mine with Navy.  Aspire have loads of great dresses reduced to half price including my favourite Abigail and the beautiful Closet Clothing heart dress, act fast!

 Dress: Emily and Fin

I have bought a few Vanity Project dresses from Rockabilly Pinup so off and have to say the delivery and service was all top notch.  They have a number of my favourite style, the day dress, in their sale along with a number of other styles.  Most have around 25% off.  I adore this peacock one, it looked great with my cobalt shoes.



  1. Oooft I love that Mod Dolly one! I've never heard of them before, now I've got my eye on the gingham one.... xxx

  2. Love the dresses! So cute and the gingham one is the best xx


  3. That first dress is gorgeous! I did something very similar for NYE! :)

  4. I love these dresses. I hope you don't stop these posts. I love reading them and seeing new brands and dresses. I had a similar night to you: cheese fondue, cake and unfortunately non-alcoholic drinks. I hate going out at new year at the best of times and being over 8 months pregnant gave me the perfect excuse to stay in. X

  5. Ahhh that Mod Dolly dress is absolutely gorgeous! Happy New Year to you! xo


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