Monday, 13 January 2014

The Apple Of My Eye

Okay so after getting hit with a £20 custom charge last time I bought a Modcloth exclusive Lucy dress I said never again... but then Modcloth cheekily hit me up with a discount code which meant even with the customs charge it would work out to a similar price as buying it in the UK and they only had one left which was my size so yeah you can guess the rest...  I love the colours of the plaid fabric, the green/blue/black/white combo is lovely and I think works well with my colouring.  The fabric is thicker than the other Lucy's I own which makes the skirt hang beautifully.  I just want to spend my afternoons swishing around in it.  I am so excited to see Emily and Fin's Spring Summer collection which will be hitting the shops from mid February, eeekk!!

 Dress: Emily & Fin
Cardigan: asos
Shoes: Clarks

After realising my satchels were damaging my new coat (sob!) I went on the hunt for a little black hand held bag.  I wanted something similar to my marks and spencer bag but without any print.  I looked everywhere I could think of in my small town before laying eyes on this adorable red apple wicker bag in House of Fraser.  I couldn't put it back down, it wasn't at all what I was looking for but actually looks really cute with my coat and just in general.  It's certainly a conversation starter and most definitely the apple of my eye.  It's deceptively roomy and is plenty big enough for all my essentials not that I am a big handbag kinda girl anyway.

I had a great time at the access all asos swap shop on Saturday.  I didn't take any photos because quite frankly I was having too much fun chatting to some lovely ladies.  I met Amy from Mod Dolly which was lovely, it's great meeting the person behind a brand you love.  I wore my Mod Dolly dress to the event so Amy could check out the fit of it on someone who isn't sample sized!   I didn't pick up any goodies for me at the swap shop as there was nothing in my style or if it was it was sample size and wouldn't have fitted me but I did get some lovely stuff for Gray.  Thankfully he is asos sample size and as no guys made it to the swap I had the pick of the rails!  He is over the moon with his goodies, thank you asos.   There was an ace leopard print shirt that I nearly picked up but am not sure Gray would have loved it as much as I did.  I absolutely love this leopard sleeve jumper from Capology so am going to make him realise the error of his ways, a Valentines pressie maybe?!


  1. Love that bag, I always look at it in the Cardiff store. So cute!

  2. Can you get a cuter bag Sarah?! Love it!

  3. So cute : ) I have that little apple handbag so kitch, i love it x

  4. Aww I've wanted that bag for so long, it's so beautiful!
    I didn't realise you had to pay customs charges with your Modcloth order, I'll bear that in mind when I order from them.

  5. This is such an amazing outfit and I love love love this bag!

    Maria xxx

  6. Lovely dress, that fabric is lush.
    You are looking amazing!
    Raffles Bizarre Blog

  7. Your collection of dresses is amazing!

  8. I love your dress. The fabric and style are just perfect. I always drool over dresses on Modcloth but never dare make a purchase because of the custom charges.

  9. It's such a lovely dress, a total bargain as it was the same price with the discount, and you've got an exclusive. Bloody love this bag, can't wait for mine to arrive!


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