Thursday, 30 January 2014

Summer Lovin'

I am never usually as excited for Spring/Summer as I am this year.  I have always been an Autumn/Winter kinda girl, I love layering and being able to wear tights and cardigans.  I also usually prefer the colours and fabrics but this season is looking fabulous!  Laura Ashley sent over a copy of their lookbook and I thought I would have a little look and think, yeah that's nice.  Instead I opened it and thought 'oh I need that' 'and that' 'ooooh look at that!'  I couldn't help it, they have pulled it out of the bag and totally turned my head.

I am loving gingham at the moment and can't decide which of these dresses I need the most. I am thinking maybe BOTH!  I love how chunky the gingham is.  I would probably ditch the belt, the gathered waistband looks like it would nip in the waist nicely anyway and either colour would look amazing with my new shoes.

Nautical often gets over done for Spring/Summer, it's almost as if stores feel like they have to regurgitate the same tired trend each season.  Thankfully Laura Ashley have different ideas, yep their dresses may feature boats and anchors but they feel fresh.  And I need them.  Notice a trend yet?! Haha.  I love the stamp dress too, the quirky print is really cute and I love the square neckline

I saved the best til last.  I absolutely adore EVERYTHING about this dress.  It is totally perfect and I think you will all need it.  I really don't need to say anymore about it.  SWOON.

I believe these dresses are available at the end of March/beginning of April and all retail at £85.  Now let's all form an orderly queue.



  1. I want ALL OF THE DRESSES....
    As it stands, maybe you could just get them and I can wear them vicariously through you! Gingham first though, it's gorgeous. Both ways.
    M x Life Outside London

  2. Yes please to those gingham beauties!


  3. ooooh would love a gingham one!

  4. Oh wow love that map one! Perfect for a geographer like me ;) ♥ Claire at Jazzpad

  5. God I love them allll! the map one is incredible!

  6. WELL!I officially need them all x

  7. These are all beautiful, I love them all!

    Maria xxx

  8. *elbows* I want the gingham and the map dress, please! :)

  9. Love the print of the last dress! :) x

  10. Yup, I officially want ALL of those. Love Laura Ashley dresses, they're not cheap but I have some in my wardrobe that are years old (one about 20 years old!) and they still look like new - brilliant quality and so cute!


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