Friday, 17 January 2014

Submarine Spots

The devil on my shoulder (the littlest Dinosaur) told me that the lovely Boden dress I was swooning over had gone in their sale.  £129 was too steep but £38?! Yes please.  The reviews are as helpful as ever, it's tiny, it's large etc etc - thanks for being absolutely no help whatsoever.  As it's wool I decided to size up and am kinda regretting that decision.  The dress isn't too bad when I have my arms down but the moment I stick my hands on my hips (I do that all the time ;) ) then it is obvious that it is too big.  I am hoping taking it in at the darts will help though I will still wear it even if it isn't altered.

I thought that the burgundy colour choice was my favourite til this one arrived, the colour is so lovely and co-ordinates with my shed well.  Hehe.   It's such a lovely shape and the wool drapes beautifully.  A total steal at the sale price.  If the others get reduced too then they are just going to have to find their way to my wardrobe too.

Dress: Boden

I have a pretty busy weekend ahead, I'm getting my nails done (they lasted three weeks, still look great apart from the expected regrowth) I am picking up my new Emily and Fin dress then I have cakes to bake for a certain little boys first birthday and a night out to celebrate the birthday of one of my besties.  Have a lovely weekend whatever you are up to :)



  1. oooh I might have to get this! It's in my size too.

  2. Eep, it's great. Hopefully will be fine once it's altered. :)

  3. That's absolutely gorgeous! You really do pick the best dresses...such an inspiration! :)

    Sarah xx

  4. Nice dress, hope it alters well...

  5. I have fancied that dress since I initially saw it, but thought with the fabric and style getting a "wrong" fit was probably more like than getting a good one. Will be interested to know how you get on with it...

  6. Lovely dress! Gorgeous colour.
    I can't believe Tate is one! How quick did that year go!?!

    Tess x

  7. Love the print of this dress. x

  8. This dress is gorgeous, I really love the colour!

    Maria xxx

  9. Ooh how fabulous! Bagged myself a £29 instead of £89 dress from boden too! Love their sale!

  10. Hello! I've just found your blog and love it! So many people NEVER where dresses so it's ace to see someone who loves them so much :) The dress is lovely, I hope it's not too dificult to alter.


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