Friday, 3 January 2014

Mod Dolly

Back to reality :(  I've really enjoyed having time off over Christmas but am kicking myself that I didn't book these last two days off too.  May only have been two days but the time off is already a distant memory.  Now is defo the time to start thinking about where we might go for our holidays.  I need some sun this year and something to look forward to.  Following on from my ramblings I have decided that 2014 will be the year I learn to make my own dresses.  I love most things crafty and love dresses so it's kinda the next step I guess.  I am going to use my birthday money to buy a sewing machine as I think by making that commitment it will help force me past any difficulties I may have.  My birthday is at the end of January so I am going to be doing some reading between now and then so I am ready to go when I get my machine.  Exciting!

One of my last discoveries of 2013 was Mod Dolly.  I have browsed Mod Dolly in the past but nothing had really caught my eye, most of the styles are too short and smock like to suit my frame.    However their latest style, Hanna, is absolutely perfect for me.  I requested that the sleeves were made longer and the dress was whipped up and shipped to me in no time at all.  And isn't she a beauty?! I can't wait to see the new fabrics for SS14, eeekk!  My quest for the perfect tartan dress is finally over.  I now have one that ticks all the boxes - a fitted waist, full skirt and sleeves.  Lovely.  I love the blue/green tartan colours and may have to give into my fear of green tights as I think they will really work with the dress.  I am wearing dark grey ones here though the lighting wasn't good enough to really show that. 

Dress: Mod Dolly
Shoes: Clarks*

If you have any sewing tips for me please share, any help is much appreciated.



  1. You got me into Mod Dolly Sarah, I've just ordered one of their smocks, can't wait! Love this one on you, green suits you so much xxx

  2. Gorgeous dress - love the colour, and it looks perfect on you! Glad you managed to find your perfect tartan dress finally :D Good luck with the dress making - sounds so much fun! I'd love to do that myself one day! xx

  3. Great dress, loving the tartan - it looks great with your hair colour :) x

  4. Love this dress and I LOVE your hair, looks amazing with this dress too. Never had anything from Mod Dolly, might have to have a little gander as you always seem to banter on ;)

    also, I really need some sunshine like now! We're going to paris and rome this year so can't complain, HOPE ITS SUNNY! (its not going to be in feb lols)

    S xx

  5. Ah I'm thinking about holidays on. Always the way eh?! Love this dress on you Sarah - got your name written all over it!

  6. Im also planning to make my own dresses-please let me know of any good books you find! I also just bought a groupon for a bssic 3 hr sewing lesson where u make a bag! X

  7. great post!



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