Monday, 6 January 2014

Green Goddess

I had been swooning over this coat since I first spotted it around October time.  I love the colours and the fur collar though it really isn't a shape I usually go for.  I much prefer a full skirted coat but there was something about this coat which meant I couldn't stop going for a little stroke of it whenever in store.  At just under £300 it was only ever going to be a pipe dream.  The sales arrived so I had a quick look online to see if it had been reduced and found it had sold out.  Oh well, it wasn't meant to be.  Then I found one that had been returned to my local department store and it was my size.  I only meant to try it on but once I had I couldn't leave without it, totally fate.  I love the way the colour works with my hair and I love that you can get a matching bag which I have ordered but is taking forever to arrive.  It makes me feel so lady like, always a winner! 

Only annoyance is I can't use my favourite saddle bags with it, the fabric doesn't like leather rubbing up against it :(  That does mean I have had an excuse to get a couple more hand held bags, I bought this amazing apple bag and am waiting on this topshop number to arrive which I bought with some Christmas vouchers.  The apple bag has already had several comments, it's too cute not to put a smile on your face.  I can't wait to rock it with some pretty frocks.

Coat: Ted Baker



  1. I love the colour! Always wanted a dark green coat. Can't believe I missed this in December - I just got a new sophisticated coat too from Ness and am loving wearing it to work today

  2. Such a pretty coat, i am loving the little fur collar! Im currently on the hunt for a pastel version of this! xo

  3. Oh I love this green colour on you - looks fab with your hair!

  4. Oh wow. I now have extreme coat envy. That is an absolute beaut!

  5. Wit wooo, I agree with Alex, serious coat envy! What a buy! <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  6. This coat is BEAUTIFUL on you!

    Maria xxx

  7. It's so pretty - so glad you got it, and that it's given you an excuse for new bags!! :)


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