Friday, 31 January 2014


A few weeks ago I hotfooted it down to London to take part in a swap shop organised by the accessallasos team.  Other than the main swapping event there was plenty of time to chat to other insiders, eat lots of scrummy food and find out more about asos marketplace.  We also listened to really inspiring talks from two successful marketplace sellers including the lovely Amy from Mod Dolly.  It was great to meet the face behind the brand and to hear about her journey so far with Mod Dolly.  Everyone was really well behaved, no trampling or pushing and from what I heard everyone got the items they really wanted.  Lauren picked up one of my old dresses and doesn't it look great on her.

Unfortunately many people who said they were going to attend didn't show (really bad form guys!) which meant that there wasn't anything that either fitted me or took my fancy.  I did bag some ace menswear for Gray and the event itself was fab so I left with a smile on my face regardless.  The accessallasos team were however not happy and surprised me with an email telling me that I could pick any three asos branded items as a way of apology!  It was totally not needed but who I am to turn down such an offer?!  Thank you so much guys!!

I took a day or so to get over the shock and make my choices, there are just so many amazing items it was hard to make a decision.  I didn't struggle over this dress though, I had featured it in that weeks wishlist and it was definitely right at the top of my wishlist.  I was drawn to the splashes of yellow along with the shape and of course the sleeves.  I did think I would be taking it up as soon as it arrived but to my surprise I actually really like the length on me, I think it works because it is nicely fitted on the top.  I kept everything else toned down including black shoes to help me look sleek and steer away from any frumpy potential.  It must have worked because I felt elegant and lady like especially when teamed with my Ted Baker coat.  Who would have thought!

Dress: asos*
Shoes: Clarks

Asos are still accepting new insiders so if you haven't yet applied make sure you do so here



  1. Aww that's so nice of them! Well done ASOS.

  2. I really do want this dress, it's lovely and I like the length on you!! :)

  3. That's so lovely of them to do that!
    It's a lovely dress :)
    I have applied so keeping my fingers crossed!
    Mia | pretty eclectic

  4. This is not helping my spending ban Sarah! I love it!

  5. Sarah, I love each new outfit of yours even more than the last at the moment! That dress is STUNNING! Gone straight to the top of my birthday wishlist...

    :) xx

  6. That is so kind of them to offer you the dresses as an apology! I love this dress on you, so pretty. x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  7. Looks like something Holly Willoughby would wear! Lovely!

  8. This dress looks so fab on you and so lovely of ASOS to do that!

    I couldn't make it to this insiders do, but hoping to make the next one.


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