Sunday, 19 January 2014

A Better 2014 - Vision

Whilst I haven't made any real New Years resolutions I have made several promises to be better to myself which includes making a few small tweaks that will enhance my life.  One of the promises I have made may seem a little strange to some of you - I have promised to wear my contact lenses less and to spend more time with my glasses.  Wearing contact lenses means I get my eyes checked annually and whilst my eyes are currently healthy I get a warning from my optician each year that I spend too much time with the little disks of plastic stuck to my eyeballs.  I wear them on average for 16-18 hours a day usually 7 days a week.  Having previously suffered from iritus due to over wear I need to stop being complacent and start taking better care of my eyes.  After all damaging my vision is potentially life changing.  I can't even begin to imagine what life after losing your sight is like.

The reason I don't wear my glasses more often is simple - comfort.  I find glasses get in the way of things like lounging around, lying on your side reading a book is no longer as enjoyable.  Walking in to the warmth leaves you with steamy lenses and don't even get me started on rain!  But these are minor irritations in the grand scheme.  I know that for the most comfortable fit I need a plastic rim, the little nose bits on metal rims always dig in.  I also know that oval frames suit my face shape and with that in mind I have put together a little wishlist and will soon be typing in my prescription and treating myself to a shiny new pair.

These ones are pretty similar to my current out-dated prescription pair, I rarely deviate from this shape and usually end up with either tortoise shell or black rims.  These rims look more red than my current brown base pair, very cool!

I really like the look of this pair, classic tortoise shell and still in an oval shape I know will work with my face shape.  These ones scream sexy secretary to me, always a winner!!

I love the floral detail of these frames by Icy, how cute!  An absolute bargain at only £24 including prescription lenses.

Finally I love these bright red ones though I would never have the balls to wear them myself as actual glasses.  Stick some tinted lenses in them and it's a different story, they would make rather fab prescription sunglasses don't you think?!

I will share my next little promise with you later in the week, it might even benefit a few of you guys! haha.


*Post in collaboration with SCLO*


  1. I hate lying on my side with glasses on, so uncomfortable! I have to try wearing mine more often too, I think I want to try bigger geek style glasses though :) xo

  2. I'm off on Wednesday morning to see what glasses I need :(
    I love those floral ones, though!

  3. I HATE shopping for glasses, I have a really tiny head, and therefore a small face also, which is a nightmare. BUT like you, gotten a telling off for wearing my lenses too much, and my beloved Prada frames are no pinching a bit of my nose that makes my face twitch- so annoying. MUST buy glasses soon. *sigh*

    Really like the second pair of Calvin Kleins on there. V classic, and totally lovely.


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