Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A Better 2014 - Time

Time keeping has never been my strong point.  It drives my Dad mad, I am never really late but usually rock up 5-15 minutes after the agreed time and this has to stop!  The mad rush when I realise I am going to be late but still have to put my shoes and coat on and find my keys before I leave the house is not the one.  I want to turn this around and become the person who is always early and never gets all flustered and red faced from rushing around.  Bed is far too hard to get out of!

Links of London dropped me a line to see if I had made any resolutions so I told them about my tardiness with time keeping and that in 2014 I will be on time.  I was told a little surprise was on it's way to help me along and it turned out they told me a little porkie. It was not a little surprise but a big fat massive surprise.  I had no idea what was going to be in the box and excitedly opened it before I had chance to take any photographs (Yeah you can tell I tied that bow!) I could not believe what was inside, an absolutely beautiful diver watch.  Wowzers.

 Watch: Links Of London*

The watch has a gorgeous black crocodile effect leather strap with a white face which makes it really easy to read at a glance.  I love the Roman numerals and the fact it also has a date function which is a new little gadget to me.  The bold round stainless steel case has a timeless look to it.  I have checked the time more often than usual since wearing it, it is lovely to look at.  I don't wear silver very often but have made an exception for this beautiful watch. 

A big thank you to Links, I promise I will be on time this year, thank you for your wonderful gift to help make sure I have no excuses!  And those that have the misfortune of seeing my face this year, I promise to be on time!!



  1. Not only is that watch lovely, but your bicycle dress! :o where did you get that? :)

    1. It's Sugarhill Boutique - look at her previous post :)

  2. Wow you lucky thing Sarah! What a beauty of a watch!

  3. I think I'm the world's biggest procrastinator. I am never on time for anything :(

  4. What a beautiful watch. I'm not so great with time keeping either x

  5. Oh wow lucky lady! That watch is really pretty, so delicate :) <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  6. I am jealous about your dress !!! ;)

    Les Selfies de Pauline


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